Ps2 Not Spining Any Cd, Dvd, Game
  • My ps2 refuses to spin any cd in the drive so it reconigze their is a cd in their but can't read it because it won't spin it. Here's the kicker, its not the motor because it works after i open it. It happened first like two weeks after my warrenty was up and sony refused to give a new one since it was not even more than 3 1/2 months old i had to try and fix it my self since they wanted like 125$ just to fix it. I opened it up with my dad and all we did was clean the inside. Then it would work for 5 more months and then the same thing would happen again. I treeat the thing as if it were my own child so i don't see how the little dust and securing the wires does this. It makes a 3 sec grinding noise when you start it and that ussually how i can tell the cd's not going to spin. Oh and the cd's don't move at all. I'm sick of opening it what can i do to fix this problem for good?
  • I have heard of people contacting Sony after their warranty was up and insisted that Sony fix the problem, at their cost. Usually you will only have to pay the shipping cost. If you keep on them that they fix the problem and you will pay for shipping they may cave in and pay for it. I mean it is pocket change to them. <_< <br />
    One other question, you don't have a mod chip installed do you?
  • Nope no mod chip in the system. I treat the thing like it was my child which why it concerns me that it keeps having this constant problem. I also have never tried to modify it in any way what so ever.
  • Well then try contacting Sony again and see what they say when you insist that they pay for the repairs, remember to state that you will pay for the shipping.
  • Contacting SONY! YO tell me if you can. Every time I try it gives me this weird ending message thing. I have tried so many times to contact them because my ps2 wont play the Blue disc's. I dont know mabey its because where I live or something, or mabey they changed there number I dont know. :angry:
  • Since you have had the unit open to fix it your self it will be harder to get them to fix it for free. You can still try though, I am getting mine replaced because of the "Disk read error" problem and I was past warranty. You just have to keep calling if one support person wont help you get them to do nothing, phone back till you get the answere you want.

    I'm not sure where you live Badboy, in north america the Sony support number is 1-800-345-SONY and was working 2 days ago.