It Wont Play Dvd Movies
  • games play perfect but cant get dvd,s to play can anyone help me please
    all that shows up is browser and configuration :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:
  • Lets see if you can play your DVD by selecting it manually...

    When it won't play your DVD, select the "Browser" and push X. It should bring a memory card icon and a DVD idsc icon. Select the DVD icon and it should start playing.

    Or perhaps your parental control is on... if it is, then put in your code to view a movie.
  • If Rex's suggestion doesn't work then I'm afraid it will be time to have your system looked at-the problem would most likely be in the DVD laser lens.
  • Hey guys (and Gals) arent PS2 games also in DVD format they just require different software to play. Cause I'm pretty sure that PS2's only have one laser (i.e. for playing games AND DVD's) so the problem is most likely a software problem. Oh and by the way speaking of DVD's when I'm playing DVD's and the scene changes or they switch to a different camera angle (I was playing Queens greatest video hits and a lot of this was happening) a sort of flicker occurs and I know it's nothing to do with the DVD because I played the same DVD on the DVD player in the Living room and there wasnt a problem. Does this happen to anyone else. Oh and a flicker is the best way I can ddescribe it. Maybe not. For about half a second or less the screen goes black with a multicoloured lightning flash (or at least thats what it looks like). So again I'd like to know if this is just my PS2 or if it affects others out there too.
  • Some PS2 games are still on CD-ROM forger.Most are now on DVD though.There is the one laser but there are 2 lenses,one for DVDs and another for CDs.

    That flicker is quite possibly just the laser switching to another layer to get to that particular bit of data-most likely nothing to worry about.You have to remember the PS2 can't really compare to a stand alone player for movies-you are liable to see small differences like that.
  • Rex77:
    Have you ever cleaned your station with a disc cleaner? Sometimes, doing this can disable the DVD function of the station. (trust me on this)
    If you have not, try looking into your system browser configuration and as someone has already stated, you may need to enable or disable parental settings in order to view the DVD. The 2nd time around with mine, I was finally able to view movies, but I had to enter a parental code(remember this code, as most movies will ask for it), on the other hand you may need to disable the parental code to watch certain movies.

    If all fails, then you may want to have it looked at. But exhaust all options before, as you will be charged to have the damn thing looked at and then charged to fix whatever the problem is :huh: :(
  • Thanks for the info folks. I tried the settings and it worked. I thought I was going nuts. Some movies would play in my PS2 but not the old ladies, other movies were just the opposite. I was getting tired of switching systems from the livingroom to the bedroom depending on where we wanted to watch. Now life is simple and happy once again. :D
  • It could be your dvd drivers contact sony for an update :huh: