Help! My Psone Cannot Read My Memory Cards
  • hi, can anybody help me? my ps1 was doing fine until sometime last week when it suddenly couldn't detect any memory card (from both slots)
  • The big question that i need to ask first is are you using a Sony Memory Card or not? If you are then you may want to try different cards on your PSOne and also try your cards on other PSXs. If the cards don't work then it sounds like the cards went bad whih happens sometimes. If you're using a third party card then it may still be the same problem but more than likely it's just that the card went AWOL. If it's not the cards then you may want to take it to a local electronics store to get the MC slots cleaned. If this still isn't th case then the most cost effective means of fixing this problem is buying a new PSOne at your local shop. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.