• In the PS One game, Darkstone, I am stuck on how to kill the queen wasp to set free the prisoners in Mine 1 and Mine 2.

    (The two mines are on Level 11 and the Hive with the queen wasp is on Level 12)
    (The entrace to Level 9 is the Well in the Land of Marghor)

    My problem is this, no matter where I stand in front of the queen, none of my hits actually seem to hit her, since there is no vibration in my controller and since after over 200 hits she is still alive.

    I have a similar problem in the two mines where I cannot destroy the nests which spit out the wasps. Strangely I was able to destroy the nests, however, in the Hive of the queen.

    Any suggestions?

    My "solution" was to forget about that crystal temporarily and play on ahead. I have defeated the Lizard Temple in Level 16 and the tricky bad guy on Level 19, recovering the note off of the dead husband on level 20. Now it is all dark and stormy out and there has arisen a monolith in Town.

    Thanks for any help about the queen wasp on Level 12!!!
  • It just takes a long time because it is really strong. You should try to move closer to see if it is actually hitting her. It should show numbers rising to tell how much damage you did. what weapon are you using? A bow and arrow, a sword? B)
  • Thanks for the tip.

    I actually figured it out yesterday, after I had completed up to level 28 and was at the part where I needed all 7 crystals to finish the game.

    The solution is to destroy all the nests first. Regardless of how strong I was getting or how powerful my weapon was, I was unable to do this. The trick is to get the scroll "Injury Ray" and cast it for each nest. This enables you to actually do damage to the nest. Once all the nests in the two mines are gone, talk to all three prisoners. The prisoner in Mine 2 will give you a sword. Take this sword down to the Hive. Destroy those nests also. Then equip yourself with the special sword and cast "Injury Ray" and the Queen Wasp is toast!!!
  • I bet that game 3 times and only 1 of the three times,
    I was against that queen because there is multiple
    sets, I hope you win it, good luck. :D

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