• Hello people. I'm new here and I want to know about this website. Would someone just tell me about it.
  • Well, B.I.G., we at Absolute PlayStation try to cover the news and games in the PlayStation line up going from the PS2 to PSP to PS3 and on the PlayStation Network. Besides the main site which you'll find game articles, screen shots, cheats, etc. we have the forums here to talk about and ask questions about the games and systems.

    Along with that we have a live chat area (there's a get together scheduled for November 7, check the General Discussion section for start time), free web games and the free member blogs (which i see you discovered).

    So, feel free to jump into the different topics going in the forum, lend a heling hand where possible and generally have fun! B)
  • Welcome to AP B.I.G.

    All about this site can be summed up in one word: AWESOME!

    This is one of the best sites for the PlayStation fan (although it is not a "Fanboy" site) to be found on the net. Take some time to check out the forum completely, there are some really great threads to be found; everything from general chit-chat to technical advice and EVERYTHING in between.