• The stage where Kenzo goes into the Mood chamber.there is a breach in the wall to the martian atmosphere .I move the character to the breach listen to what the message says and I then use the respirator - I have 10 sec to do this.What should happen is that respirator then gives 3 min and I should be able to place a 'hopper' which i inflate sealing the breach allowing me access to the Mood chamber. What actually happens is that whatever position I approach the breach from the picture goes blank when I try to use the respirator. I have then have to switch the PS off and start again but the same happens everytime. I have swopped the game for another and the same happens. Anybody have any suggestions? ??? I can't progress to the next stage without going through the Mood chamber - anybody experience anything similar with this game.

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  • The only thing I can think of