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  • hi-I'm wolfpack-it stands for With-Out-Lost-or -Forgotten-pack a p.o.w.m.i.a. group h.q'ed in Murfreesboro Tennessee-I play probably stated out dated ps2 games I have not yet upgraded to any other systems coz I guess i'm old fashion this laptop is my latest addition to my office and home-so I'm looking for specific cheat codes to get passed the "s" license requirements on gran turismo 3-i have 90% complete-including arcade mode-the only license I need to keep racing is the "s" license-the tracks are too hard for me to pass-can anyone help an old veteran of the united states army special forces disabled/discharged/retired?-you can email me at thanks all.
  • hi again just want to enter a joke here I couldn't figure out how to get one in on jokes and entertainment-or it could be some valuable info-when out on the town in southern Nevada you'll notice "rated x motel rooms"(especially in and around Las Vegas)so how do we know if we rent room 7 in these motels that we're not the dirty movie in room 8 ?-just something to think about from the desk of wolfpack.
  • Hey folks.. If any of the old members take a nostalgic look at these forums, just like to hello.