Worlds scariest police chases
  • How do I take ou the second tank using the APC I keep getting killed!
  • well when you get the first tank stoped turn around and get take the first right,then stop in frount of the police tank and get in and look for the man in the other tank and keep swerving left and right so he dont kill you and keep shooting at him and then you've won!!! :thumbsup: hope this helps
  • Hi Mikey, i need some help. You know the tank mission, well i'm having problems taking out the first tank. I know you get a missile launcher when the first tank gets close to the stadium, but from here i do not to seem to have enough time to kill him. Any help will be appreciated.

    (Please dont take offence, but i have trouble understanding what you are saying in your post sometimes. Try to be clear. Cheers)