Continued (game shark)
  • Once you download the codes from your PC to your PS2 do you still have to connect to the PC everytime you want to use the game shark or will the codes from the PC be saved onto your game shark?
  • once you have downloaded the codes to your Gameshark they will remain there.just like if you had entered them manually.pop your gameshark into your PS2.make sure you have installed all the software that comes with the shark port(1 cd for your PS2 and 1 for your PC)make sure your PS2 is hooked up to your tv and ready to go.then just hook the shark port from the PS2 to your PC(you'll need a USB port, most PC's have one in the back)go to to start downloading saves and codes for games.the book that comes with the shark port explains it much'll also find help at the gameshark website. :thumbsup:
  • ask anyone here....we all got knowledge on different types of games and accessories.madhtr is a pro at finding release dates for games.everyone here will do their best to help out anyway possible. :thumbsup: