• Customer service:
    I would like to buy my children a playstation 3 for Christmas this year. Is it possible to order and receive one before Christmas?

    Thank you,
    Debbie wesson
  • What few places that were taking preorders have already done so (which wasn't many places due to the limited first-day availability). As for the places that didn't take preorders most will likely have lines of people lining up and 'camping" to try to get one a day or more in advance (I'm guessing this probably won't be an option you would consider). If you try for it when the store opens on the 17th you may be out of luck.

    More units will be coming in during the weeks leading up to Christmas, however- Sony's going to try to get something like 1.2 million units available by the end of 2006 for North America. So, it should be possible to snag one for the kids. If you don't get one first day I would advise checking with stores to find out when they will get more in. One other option would be to try online at trusted sites like Amazon, Circuit City, Best Buy, Target, etc.- I noticed Best Buy does say they will not have it available online right away but it will be eventually.

    Sorry I can't be the bearer of better news- unfortunately Sony just couldn't get as many made for the initial launch as they planned due to unforseen manufacturing problems (which I hear are getting taken care of). Good luck on the hunt!:)