Playstation2 games in different regions
  • [B]Apologies if this question has been asked before. Our Playstation2 game console was purchased in Australia and only seems to run games made for the Australian market. We are now in Japan and have discovered that we cannot run Playstation2 games that have been purchased in Japan or in the USA. Is ti the case that we can only run games made for the Australian market ? How many regions of the world are there from the point of view of Playstation2 games ? Is there anyway we can tweak our console to play games made for regions other than Australia ? Many thanks.
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    I think theres a boot disk called region-x at least for dvd's.
    Youll probably find one for games too.There are also other ways.If the games work only in black and white there should be cables to fix that.If those don't work then just move to Australia
  • the only way i would know of is to order all your ps2 games from an astralian web site or ther may be a shop in your area that will change you ps2 to a japinesse version and send your australian one back although that might cost money
  • I'm sure that one of the guys that remotely know what they're talking about on this will be able to tell you exactly how to do this. There are a few ways with a few being illegal and totally unacceptable by us here in API. If you'll check the pinned topics at the top then you can see our views on them. Well, there are NTSC JP games which are Japan games, NTSC U/C which are the US and Canadian regions, then there's the PAL regions of Europe, Asia, some other countries as well. Not too sure of the exact type of region that Australia would be classified under. There is also Secam and a couple other regions which aren't that widely used but still out there somewhere. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting, have fun gaming, and have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. :thumbsup:
  • Quote (madhtr @ Dec. 24 2001,16:08)
    Not too sure of the exact type of region that Australia would be classified under.[/b][/quote]
    Im pretty sure that Australia is a pal country.
  • Yep,the games in Australia are PAL format.I know there have been several of our Australian members buying games from UK web sites for their system-you may want to check things out there.

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  • Many thanks for all the helpful responses to my query. I guess the solution is going to be for us to buy our Playstation2 games in Australia. Thanks again for the little bit of "education".[quote] :)