Noddy question please
  • Can you play games for playstation one on playstation 2 and if so do I need both types of memory cards.
  • Yes to both questions,Reglyn.

    The PS2 also has the chipset of the PSOne in it to help a bit with doing some of the calculations needed for the games and also allows it to play most PSOne games-there's a very small list of which games won't work,most of which were due to unconventional programming techniques.For the most part none of these discs were very good sellers or even made it out of Japan so chances are all your current games will work fine.

    As for saving you will need a PSOne memory card for the PSOne games and a PS2 card for the others-the PS2 games use an entirely different way of saving onto the card (actual data size as opposed to the PSOne "block" system).The games simply would not recognize the other cards.
  • most of the PSone games that don't work on the PS2 are mostly First Gen PSone Games.
  • Luckily i haven't come across any psone game yet that don't work in my ps2