PS2 on my pc, help pls
  • I want to buy a ps2 but i don't have a tv.
  • If your video card happens to have an input plug for TV (like the ATi All-In-Wonder) you can plug it in there.The sound should be good to go like that (I haven't used this card myself but it is a good choice),as if it was plugged into the TV.

    Otherwise,you might want to look for a device such as this.It's a convertor that lets you use a PC monitor for your gaming.For sound,maybe you could patch through a nearby stereo.
  • There is an external peice of hardware which you connect the TV cable and other cables into, turning your monitor into a TV. I used to have one, but i didn't need it so i sold it. Maybe it was just my monitor (or the hardware) but the picture quality wasn't as good as with a TV, but it's not too bad.
    Look around in electronics stores. If you live in Australia, i know that Teds Camera Stores sell these (that's where i got mine from).

    Good Luck! :thumbsup: .
  • Thanx.

    I went to to see that cheese video gizmo.