Smackdown just birng it
  • i want to know witch way do i go to get every character send to [email][/email]

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  • Well There is alot to unlock so it is probably best to just play your way through story mode with almost everyone you can but if you have a look at the hints and cheats section of this site it will tell you how to get Mick Foley, Fred Dirst and Rhyno.
  • Just as Satan say you should play with every character in story mode. Like fred durst you get him by beating at least 15 people in the slobber knocker mode withthe undertaker.

  • what other characters does the game have that you have to unlock??
  • There's Jerry Lynn, Mick Foley, Fred Durst, Micheal Cole , Rhyno, Tajiri, and I think a few more!!!

  • :2devilish: Shane & Steph McMahon, Spike Dudley and a ton of C.A.W. parts and moves, Arenas,ect. Check out the Smackdown:JBI on this sites main page. And make sure you try for every title in every different way you can. :thumbsup: