Beat the dark genie?
  • Help! I am through to the Dark Genie, and i figured out to kill the arms that sprout from the ground, but then he starts shooting lasers at me and i cant get to him to fight him! Anybody know the next step to slay the Genie? :2silly:
  • Dodge to the side of the beams and shoot the head using Ruby or whatever your most powerful ranged attack happens to be.If he starts using his unavoidable attack a lot,use a Stamina Potion to keep your hit points from going down.

    Once his head is defeated you stil have one more form to fight-plus he has a couple of demon guards to help him in the fight.You can either kil the guards to make him open his mouth to reveal the orb you must target.Even if you don't do this he will still reveal the orb randomly.He has a couple of attacks-a beam that will track you across the screen (which can be avoided by running in a circle away from the beam and then towards his body) and a wave attack that he seems to use after hitting the orb.This is easily avoided however.His main beam will take quite a bit out of you when hit so have a premium chicken in an active slot and use it once you get back up from being hit by it.