Someone help..PLEASE!!!
  • i am leveling up some characters..I have zidane, eiko, dagger and amarant in my party. Everything was fine but then I noticed that when amarant attacks he gives hitpoints to the enemys. the same with eiko and dagger. only if i have them use magic with it damage the enemys..also now sometimes i get a message when dagger is attacking that she cant concentrate and attack fails..there is no status effects on them...i am really confused.any help will be great..mark
  • In the abilities section there is one named healer. If this you have that ability chosen then the chars will heal whatever they attack including other party members. Also you're at a section in the game that what's happening to Dagger is scheduled to. Before to long, Dgger will be back to normal and everyone'll be happy again. I hope that this bit of info was of any help to you. Well, i hope you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.

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  • First off, like madhtr said, Healer will give hp to people you attack. Dagger is temporarily ill because of her mother. But Zidane will make it all not that, sick people.:wink: