• please tell me how do you get rid of the cop so you can hijack the truck???????? :mad:
  • i am not sshoure of the mission havent played the game in a long time but i think the car is a gray or a green color and it starts off as the truck you and the cop i dont rember how i lost him but you have to just play youre hart out and there you go
  • When the mission starts let the cop car ram you once and then hit burner and acceleration and go after the truck. Hopefully this will give a you a little extra distance and time. If you cant do this dont worry, i'm still debating whether this gave me an advantage when i had to do the mission.

    Its quite difficult to lose the cop and stop the truck if the truck decides to go left/right at the start. However if you get lucky (if not, restart mission) the truck may go straight ahead. Lure the cop into traffic and watch the route the truck takes. You will find that there are points at which you can intercept him (get in front).

    Assuming you've got rid of the cop, slow down in front of the truck and let him bash himself out on your back bumper. Get in the car and continue with mission being very careful not to take too much damage and wreck yourself.

    Good luck