How Much Time...
  • I myself spen about 2-4 hours a day on the net.How about you?
  • All I can say is to much time.Im home alone alot and I can't really leave the house because I have to watch it.So I voted you mean I can log off.But since school will be starting it will change to less than an hour a day.
  • I voted You mean i can log off but i'm usually only online for about 10 hours on regular days....more if i'm not at work. Well, i hope that you all enjoy piosting and have fun gaming.
  • Now in the school holidays i'm probably on the net for less than an hour a day, as im always out, and the hour im at home i'll normally log onto APi or chat on MSN! Certainly a lot less time than i used to be on the net!
  • I spend 4-6 hours on the net daily... I don't pay much... well If I wanted I could stay from the morning to the night...
  • 2-4 hours a day for me. Typically I will check here first and then a few other of my favourites. This one is my #1 favourite thats why I check here first. During the week or weekend its roughly the same.
  • I usually spend about 2-4 hours a day.
  • Originally posted by madhtr@Aug 16 2002, 04:03 AM
    [b]...i'm usually only online for about 10 hours on regular days...[/b]

    Oh, only 10 hours :blink:

    I've never logged off in my entire life. If I connect, I stay connected until my ISP disconnects me (I get 4 hour blocks :( ) and then my pc automatically re-dials. It's a perfect setup, apart from the humongous phone bills...

    I'm usually actively surfing for about 5 hours on a weekday (that's not including the time i'm on during I.T) the rest of the time I just download while watching TV.

    If you can't tell already I voted for 'You mean I can log off?' :D
  • ;) For me it all depends if I am playing GTA3 or SSX Tricky. If I am in a gaming mode which can last two or three weeks. Internet time is very short. Maybe a hour or so.
    But right now its about 4 hours daily...... :lol:
    Oh and I voted 2 to 4 hours....
  • I'm usually on about 1-2 hours, so thats what i voted, but sometimes i'm on longer and sometimes shorter. IT just depends what time of day it is or what i am interested in at the time.
  • I spend about 4-6 hours on the internet,but that's only when I don't have things I have to do. Otherwise it's like 2-4 hours...ish. B)
  • i voted for.... You mean i can log off.
    I stay online 24/7 you can ask speediebeenie.couse we alawys talked to each other every day,But now that school has started i am hardly never on.
  • i think i spend
    2-4 times a day on internet.
  • WHAT!!!??? You mean i can log off???

    i didnt know that!!!

    thankyou 4 telling me that has made my day!!
  • Usually an hour or so. Once I'm playing onine games that will rise drastically.
  • I spend on the internet about 2-4 hours a day. I would like to spend more but the people that live with me won't let me. <_<
  • I voted 4-6 hours only because I have to fight with my family for my computer! :P
  • well the othe night I just stayed up till 6 am doing nothing on the computer so I voted I can't log off option :D
  • I'm USUALLY on for less then an hour or so because of my ops! And I can't go on everyday at that!
  • 1-2 hours because i have a modem... its so sad :(

  • I'd give it about 2-4 hours per day. I like to get on for about an hour to an hour and a half in the mornings, and about an hour or so in the evenings, but it's MUCH MUCH more on the weekends. No job to go to on Saturday and Sunday, so much more time for computer fun!! But, it's kinda hard to say, 'cause some days I'm more in the mood for a bit of gaming,..... it varies, but is usually pretty close to 2-4.

    SsjMacke, I have a modem too, but that doesn't stop me from being on as much as I want! ;) How does this limit your time on here? :blink:
  • I would say 2-4 hours a day, but that can change so much depending upon what I am winter comes closer I spend abit more time online......or if I happen to get into a MSN chat with can go abit longer.
  • I was going to make a thread like this, but I found this one. I am usually on the internet 2-4 hours a day on school days. And I am usually on it 4-6 hours on weekends or in summer.
  • I don't have that much time anymore with work, the Leaf season, ball hockey season starting, playing on my PS2, and going out (yes I do have a life I know hard to belive :lol: :D but I do) I just don't have the time
  • I love some of the older posts here on AP......

    As for me, I spend too much time...WAyyyyyyy too much time online.

    Between AP, my site, and a few other well known sites, and just general surfing and research, I am online a good 12+ hours a day easily.
  • I spend on the internet about 4-6h / day

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