• Do you people out there collect anything? Do you have a huge collection of something? Well you can tell us here.

    I'm collecting DBZ cards(obvious). :D
  • As of right now I don't collect anything, well games I guess but that's not really a collection as I do play them, in my eyes a collection is something only to look at and admire and not use.

    But when we finish our basement I am going to start collecting die cast GM cars and trucks and CART racing memorabilia. Only Canadian drivers and race most likely, and nothing to do with Andretti, as I think he is a snobbish prick. :angry:
  • Collect alot of different things... I collect alot of music (vinyl LP's and 12 inches) old horror flics (italian ones especially) and I collect figures (mostly anime ones) . :D
  • I've let my "collecting hobbies" gather as much dust as the objects I used to collect, but I used to have a grip of them.

    I used to collect bicycles. Mostly mountain bikes, but I had all sorts. New, old, foreign, domestic, rare and common. I have culled my herd down to one mountain bike, though. Collecting bikes was an exhausting hobby.

    Although not proficient as many of my fellow hobbyists, I collect fishing tackle. Rods, reels, tackle boxes, lures, etc.

    I at one time had an impressive collection of weapons, specifically guns and knives, but the authorities have seen fit to relieve me of the responsibility of their care. Now I am limited to some 18 pocket-knives and a filet knife and a survival knife and 1 skinning knife (the filet knife, the survival blade, and the skinner must be kept in a safe)

    At one time, I had a collection of darts I was rather proud of. Wooden, brass, steel, and tungsten, with a selection of shafts and flights for each variety. Burglars saw fit to relieve me of those.

    I also kept a representative (or two or three, they make many colors y'know) of each model of Mag-light in production. I was never able to acquire one that takes 10 D-cells, but I had the others. The aforementioned burglar(s) saw to my flashlights, too.

    I have a record collection still. It's not large by any means, but the selections I have are choice. Although I've not seen them in a while (buried in the garage in a crate) I still love my records.

    I don't collect much anymore. I still have my fishing tackle, and my PS games, and that's enough for me.
  • When I was younger I collected beanie babies and unicorns.I still collect unicorns and now I have a small growing collection of shades.Oh yeah I collected pens for some odd reson I have a few hundred and I use maybe five of them.
  • yes i collect i haev some old bills from 1923 to 1959.and i also colect rhe 50 state quarters.And if games count i collect them but i play them heehehehe
  • [quote]Originally posted by WreckinBall@Aug 18 2002, 08:02 PM

    I used to collect bicycles

    I collect fishing tackle.
  • Rex, you're funny like a rubber crutch, and speaking of packing, why don't you go pack sand way up your ass? :D
  • Ahhh...Surfboards, I have one dating back to the late 1800's, that thing is like surfing on a large dock..... In total I have 15!!!

    Baseball stuffs, I have a Baseball autographed by the entire '86 Mets world series champs, and it also has been singed by the one and only Bill Buckner, those that know what happend will see the irony in that. ;)
  • Originally posted by WreckinBall@Aug 18 2002, 09:58 PM
    Rex, you're funny like a rubber crutch, and speaking of packing, why don't you go pack sand way up your ass? :D

    I did that once. I have learned my lesson. :o

  • I collect coffee cups, for some strange reason, and the stranger collection I have is pens. Don't ask me why, but I just love to collect pens. Where I work, we have oooodles of 'Pharmaceutical Representitives' (drug reps) who come in and give us all sorts of goodies for office use, including pens, with thier names and logos on them, and I always snatch up the heavy, metal (Hmmm, 'heavy metal'..... go figure!) pens. I have over 250 right now........ of course, I use them too, they're my favourites!
  • The closest ive come to collecting is leather bookmarks that you get in souvenir shops. I've got 5, one which is plastic ( <_< ) and i lost one on the bus, so that makes three. :P <br />
  • I collect a number of things:
    - I have whole sets of baseball cards going back to the 60's.
    - I collect 1/24 scale die cast Muscle cars.
    - I inherited an extensive coin collection from my Grandfather. Lots of coins from the late 1700's and early 1800's. Tons of silver and gold coins. Also gold and silver backed paper money.
  • Apart from games and music my collecting 'hobbies' has died off. When i was a younger (danm i sound old ;) ) my gran got me started on collecting bone china thimbles. I've got a 13 sq (169) timble rack on my wall which is full, and i've also got a couple of smaller racks. (2 racks of 12 and 1 of 16)
    I haven't got any in ages though.
    My other main collection is of books, i'll repeat that for some of you, books. Paper things with printed text, that you read, no pictures. I'm sure some of the members in here could do with finding out what they are. Tidus. One floor to ceiling book case full, one 3 shelf book case, and a shelf on my bedroom wall. In short a lot of books.
    Think thats about all i collect.
  • I collect playstation magazines and games...
    thats about it!!

    Plus at the minute, I am buying/collecting the real robots magazine! Building up a mini-robot for myself! I would put the link to the site, but its against the rules cos it sells stuff! But if you want the link, pm me and I will give it to you!!
  • I have no major collections,but I do pick up a shot class and a plate from every state/major city I visit. So far I have around 20 of each.

    I also have a wall mount of logo golf balls. I don't buy any, just find them. The only ones I have bought are from the National Bowling Tourneyment I attend every year. The best I have are: Bud man, Scrubbing bubbles, Jack Danials, One that looks just like a basketball and a few others.
  • I have a big collection of anime movies/series, I just love em! And lots of action figures from anime movies/series...

    I used to collect marvel comics, but I quit doing that about a year ago... I still got about 500+ marvel comics here...
  • Well..I guess I might as well say my collections...

    I have a HUGE collection of horse figurines and I was only missing one out of all the horses from it.

    I also have quite a few Puppy in my Pocket,but not all 50. I think I'm more bordering on the line of 20.

    I have Pokemon cards and figurines. This one is never going to be completed due to the fact that they keep making more I gave it up.

    At one point,I tried to collect Pound puppies,but that didn't work out.

    I had a collection of the dog beanie babies for awhile...but I didn't have the money to keep that one going. I plan on getting back to that one.

    The one collection that was completed was the Chronicles of Narnia(if you count that) I have never actually read them,but I may consider it one day. B)

    After reading Theve's post, I have remembered that I also collect books, mostly Stephen King. I have everything that that man has put in print, including bios and the one "On Writing"...... among some other sets. Wow Theve, thanks for reminding me! :D
  • If you can call this a collection, since i just started a couple months ago but i have been collecting anime. I have 40 of them now....... Anyway, that's really all i collect.....other than the rest of my junk that i keep(i am such a pack rat). Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Im sorta momento kinda collector so I have been collecing movie stubs since freshman year of high school. I have a handfull. Everytime I read the name of the movie I can remember where, when, with whom, and how I got to see it. Very good for memories ;)
  • Originally posted by GeneStarwind@Aug 20 2002, 02:06 AM
    Im sorta momento kinda collector so I have been collecing movie stubs since freshman year of high school.

    Y'know,I can't believe I forgot. I also have movie stubs of basically all the movies I've seen since the release of the Final Fantasy movie. Don't know why I keep them though. B)
  • I collect dbz movies, playstation magazine, playstation one and PS2 games. That about it.
  • i got loads of teddy bears and stuff, CD's as well.

    i also have a thing for shoes and bags, but i think thats coz im a woman, and is more a genetical need rather than a collection :P
  • Probably my 2 biggest collections are anything to do with Alcohol,

    I have a really large coolection of this sort of paraphinaelia most of which is of the german descent, large steins and the like.

    My other collection is Simpsons Intelletronic Figures, maybe I 'll grow up one day. ;)

    Other collections are of Martial Arts movies, some very rare coins and motorsport memorabilia but the other 2 are by far my biggest. B)
  • Originally posted by speediebeenie@Aug 20 2002, 12:02 AM
    I have remembered that I also collect books, mostly Stephen King. I have everything that that man has put in print, including bios and the one "On Writing"...... among some other sets.

    Whats you fave Stephen King Novel? Mine is "The Green Mile" I seen the film, so I'll have to read the book...

    In your expert opinion Speedie, what is better the book or the film~?
  • My wife and I collect a few things:


    Gnomes (Enseco)
    Bald Eagles
    "Dancing" teapots


    Robert Lyn Nelson ( 2 originals, 6 lithos)
    Bev Doolittle (4 originals, 10 lithos)

    We also raise snakes (some say collect), which is a BIG part of our moving to a new home, so we can expand our breeding area. Our forte is colurbrids, my favorite being the Alterna (Grey-banded Kingsnakes), and my wifes favorites being the elephea (Cornsnakes), although we do also have a couple of Green Tree Pythons, a Burmese Python, Yellow Anaconda, 2 false Water Cobras, and a Mangrove snake. (We have applied for our permits to raise "HOT" snakes.....Coral snakes, Adders, etc.)

    As of now, our "collection" count is 50..........we hope to be up to 150 by the end of summer.....and with luck, our hatchlings next year should bring the count up to around 3-400!

    .....this doesn't count the many large lizards and (poison) Dart-frogs that also make up our repltile/amphibian "collection". :)
  • I collect AOL free net time disks (not on purpose) I get them in my comp mag every month, otherwise no!
  • I recently discovered a complete collection of Marvel Comic trading cards. My brother collected them..and I didn't discover them until about a couple weeks ago. It's pretty impressive once you have a complete collection.
  • Well I collect Old coins.....I have about 200, My oldest and most prized dates back to 1820. I also collect Magazines, i have heaps of them!!
  • I collect football cards. I have roughly 75,000 right now dating back to 1971. Gotta have a nest egg! :)
  • I collect many things like pokemon cards(when they
    were popular, digimon cards, sea shells, rocks,
    yu-gi-oh cards, hockey cards, baseball cards,
    games for ps1 and 2, some football cards and cd's
    of every kind. B)
  • I kind of collect G.I. Joes, i get a few every now and then, but i only get ones that i think are cool. About year to 10 months ago i got into collecting millitary battle rifles, i have 6, i think that pretty good since i have been doing it a fairly short time and i am only 15. I have a pretty nice collection of DVDs too, probably 50 or 60, but i only buy the movies that i like.
  • I collect old crochet books from about 1960 to the 14th century. I like crocheting the old patterns from way back then. :rolleyes:
  • Just picked up Carpentier's Player's Forsythe Champ Car in 1/18th scale from the `99 season at a toy and collectables show last weekend. It was originally marked at $125 marked down to $85 and I talked him down to $75. The wife wasn't too happy with that but seeing as how they don't make them any more (at least that is what the booth owner said) I thought it was a good find. Looks pretty sweet sitting on the fireplace mantel now. B)
  • Well I use to collect Hockey cards but now I just collect movies, "McFarlane" hockey figures, and my video games
  • Dont want to see this thread go so rather then editing my orginal post on page 1 i'll make a new one. I have now started collecting figurines, got a few anime ones, but mostly spawn. Have also got my dvd, games and cd collections, but as Rex said on page one, there not really collections cos there always in use, where as a collection should really be looked at not used in any real sense.
  • I've collecting some things for a long time like..

    -G.I. Joes
    - Hockey cards
    -those little hockey cups

    ..and one more but i didn't really collect them i just have a lot of them, comics, i have like 32 boxes with 200 in each box and there not just new ones i have the first superman, spiderman, greenlatern and so on
  • Apart from debts that I don't like to collect to many of, I collect swords. I don't have a huge collection but enough to have a collection of sorts.

    So far my collection consists of :
    2 sabres complete with scabards
    1 claymore (awesome weapon)
    1 short sword
    2 fijian wooden swords and club
    1 japanese wasisaki (sp?)
    1 Japanese Katana that I keep at arms reach near my bed :cunning:

    I also have my swords I use for fencing including
    2 fencing sabres
    2 fencing epees
    1 foil and a stack of spare blades
    2 Kendo shinites (bamboo swords) when I used to do Kendo (probably didn't need to explain that
    2 kendo shinites (bamboo swords)
    :unsure: )

    I think thats about it :rules:
  • I collect a bunch of silly things I find lying around during my many strolls in the neighburhood.
    Usually nuts amd screws and that sorts of things that can come in handy. My GF hates my "this might come in handy" mentality and usually throws my rusty collections in the garbage bin.

    I do however have a "real" collection of four leaved clovers (and quite a few 5 leaved too). Over the years I have trained my brain to recognize the rare plants in the jungles of normal three-leaved ones so that I usually find 3 or 4 during a normal walk in the park. I havn't counted my collection but I would estimate it to be in the size of maybe 200 - 250 cloves.
    So just call me "Lucky"...
  • Originally posted by Digger@Aug 11 2003, 08:00 PM
    1 claymore (awesome weapon)

    Aye, laddy. That is truly an awesome weapon, doubly so in skilled hands. Knowing you, I trust it's a true Claymore, and not a bastardized cutlass like the blade that passes for a Claymore to the British Army.

    I like swords, too* but, alas. All that I can legally own these days are pocketknives. Recently though, I was able to acquire a very cool little three-blade number with real bone handles.

    *Ya pagan bastard :woot:
  • I probably collect the most pointless thing out there..........fortunes from fortune cookies. I have about 70 different ones and about 150 all together.
  • WB,
    your on the mark there. My Claymore is roughly over 4 foot long from tip to hilt. It's only a replica but steel is steel and it's an impressive weapon all the same. I think traditionally they were used mainly for ceramonial occassions but I have no doubt they were used on the battlefield. Definatly ideal for bringing down a knight on a horse if you've left your spear at home ;)

    Owning swords aren't illegal here in Oz (yet) but I did have a couple of weapons seized by customs in the early 90's when returning from a 6 month trip in Africa which include a Somalian Sword Stick and an ornate dagger. I asked if the blades could be removed as my main interest was in the hilt/s and scabbard/s but buerocracy has little to do with common sense ie, how are the weapons dangerous if they don't have any blades.

    One sword I would really like to add to the collection is a rapier :punk: What it lacks in brute strength, it makes up for easily in speed and agility :notworthy:
  • Old coins and die cast models
  • In earlier post I mentioned I was collecting mags

    So far I have got
    over 200 playstation mags
    51 issuses of Real Robots
    12 Issues of Air Combat
    17 issues of Catherine Cookson

    costing me well over
  • I must update my what I collect post. I have since API has been shut down, started collecting game consoles, not every game for each console, just select few. Also I've been collecting DVDs, and game guides. Yes, still football cards as well.
  • I collect...dice!

    Being the geek that I am, I just love all the different possibilities of size, color, and the like. Plus, as a D&D junkie, I've got a use for 'em! That, and they're cheap.

    I've even got a pair of brass six-siders! Only problem is the three/four two/five side pattern is screwed. :( Darn custom-made dice.
  • Since I work on a Coast Guard base... I started collecting coast guard boats.
    Small ones, large ones and I have two that are remote controled, my biggest boat is about 24 inches or so with little men on deck and is a remote.... the ducks hate me...Lol..

  • I collect motorcycles...... altho I keep wrecking them you could say I collect crashed motorcycles :g:

    Oh and PS2 games of coarse, had to start that collection again 2 years ago after I got burgled and the b@st@rds nicked all 48 origionals.
  • @ the moment ive been collecting

    - Metallica stuff
    - ANYTHING with Nightmare before xmas - my car is like a shrine!!!!!!
    - Clothes/Shoes/Bags - Just ask Tiff - annoys the hell outta him
    - Stuff for the wedding - Ebay is fantastic when ur doing this stuff on a buget
  • I used to collect retro video game mahines & games, but sadly I scarifice 90% of my collection when Jane moved in :crybaby:

    I've collected all of the Official PS1 mags & CD's and have all of PS2 to date. I'm hiding them as Jane tried to throw them away not so long ago.

    Also Jane collects odd socks as the sock monster in our house keeps popping up every so often
  • Its not throwing out - its 'downsizing'!! :clap:

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