I want to buy a game!
  • Does anyone know any good games that are coming out for ps2 soon. Im definetlly geting metalgear solid 2, and final fantasy X. But how bout resident
  • I recommend Grandia II and Deus X. Both look great. Also try out the new Armored Core 2: Another Age and Arctic Thunder. These games are the ones on my list as well. Hope I helped out:wink:
  • Silent Hill 2 will be in for an October UK release. The character animations is one of the best I have seen and it will be worth every cents. The nurses are back for more spooky actions :)
  • If u like the previous Resi games u will probably like Veronica to, otherwise u have like DD said Silent Hill 2 and ofcourse we cant forget this title DevilMayCry.
  • THPS3, Gundam: Zeonic Front, Maximo, Smackdown 3: Just Bring It, Ace Combat 4, Wipeout Fusion, State of Emergency, RE: CVX, Devil May Cry, and many more games.
  • [i][b]I suggest Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 and Smackdown 3: Just Bring It!. :)I hope I've helped.:)
  • A must have is Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver 2
    Blood Omen: Legacy Of Kain 2....If you're a fan of the Kain series....

    These games will rock....
  • I hope that by the time I get to persuade my parents to get me a PS2, WWf Smackdown2, GTA3, Tony hawks Pro Skater 3 will be out:)
  • GT3 For sure

  • Just think, now you can get MOH, Deus Ex, GTA 3, and loads of other stuff.