• For me, school starts tomorrow, tuesday second of september.

    This was the end of an eight week holiday, where i managed to go to Wales and Germany.

    But the question was when does school begin and how long was your holday. I know that in the US you get like three months for summer and hardly any holiday the rest of the year- I think.

    Well, leave it up yo you.

  • School has already started for me and boy was I not ready for it. I'm entering the hardest year for all high school years, a Junior. However,I plan on doing well so it's no problem. B)

    Actually crashkart, my school started last Thursday and we had two days of school and then a 3 day weekend. It's not so bad..but I wish I had another week to kick back and drink lemonade. B)
  • Im back to school as well, started last monday... beats the hell out of working all summer ! Stay in school, get a good education!
  • I started school like 2 weeks ago.I don't remember exactly but I know I've been in school for a while know.I'm a fish!But we have our own campus so it's okay but I do have the "luck" of having my dance class on main campus.
  • I have been in school for about a weak now.

    I guess its good. I was kind of getting bored of playing videogames all day. :lol: Yeah right!
  • lucky Americans getting summer holiday so early!!!

    here in Oz we gwt ours halfway through november
  • I'm back at school tommorow, and after 10 weeks of holiday (extra 4 weeks compared to the rest of the school due to exams finishing), i am no where near ready to be stuck behind a desk again, i just want to keep going into work to earn more money :D .
  • Well, my school here in Portugal Starts off to another season on the 16th September... So I still Have 2 weeks of liberty!!! Gotta appreciate them....
  • Well im back on friday. Stupid day, do Friday then 2 days off again :wacko: but saying that, after one day back, i'll prob need that 2 day rest.

    Edit: Like buckle, a 10 week or so holiday for me aswell.
  • Please note: The italics in the above paragraph are sarcasm, if my wife ever does join the Forum no need to mention what I just posted, please.
  • Well, I get the *joy* of knowing that in 12 hours I will be on my bus rididng to school. It's not that I dislike school, it's just that I dislike school work. Good things will be seeing all my friends, seeing all the girls, actually setting foot outside of my house, and so on.
  • School started 1 month ago for me.
  • I start school on thursday, the 5th of september.I've had 2 months of holiday, which I used to go to Turkey.

    This time next week I'll be getting the results from the exam I did just before the summer holidays.These are very important results (your future depends on them!), so I'm kinda nervous.

    I'm also a bit excited, our school has just recently finished an extension that cost about 2million smackers.It has a sports hall that has 3 Basketball courts and a hockey and indoor hockey court.It is meant to be one of the biggest in the country (for a school, that is) :P
  • :ph34r: hey bro for me high school started on aug. 19th later :ph34r:
  • :ph34r: p.s. im a freshman so it sucks,theother freshmen are confused,the sophmores are liers,the juniors are h+gh,and the freakin seniors,the f***in seniors are down right mean and untrustable later :ph34r:
  • Wohoooooo!!!!

    ......today I just found out I'm not back till Monday the 9th of September, which means.....

    .....3 or 4 more days of holidays! Wipidideeee!!! :) B) :)
  • well i'm a freshmen and i dont like being called freshmeat,and plus the 10,11,&12 graders think there all that so well you know
  • I was going to make a topic identicle to this one and I had no idea that there was already one! Well, my school starts on September 7th which is my brothers birthday! We usually have his party around a week later!
  • :unsure: :unsure: Topic started....2nd Sept 2002. Last post before today Sep 7 2002. Todays post, 7th of March, about starting school on September 7th 2003.

    Now call me a crank, but September is 6 months away! 6 months. In them 6 mouths a lot of things are going to come first, for all still in school. In my case, Jan exam results next week, exams in May and June, there results! And then if i can (results = stay on), i can think about when school starts again!

    For a few others it is the same. Dan_M staff (Fluff), his got exams in May, and there out come dictates what he does next in his acedemic caree.

    Now Tony,
    I was going to make a topic identicle to this one [/b]
    It is a good topic, but next time, a bit closer to the date would be better. ;)

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