Dye Your Hair
  • From hair color: soft black (looks dark brown under the sun)

    I would dye my hair to PINK with few BLUE strands :huh: :rolleyes: just for fun. And only for a few days.

    Charm :rolleyes:
  • Man, if i could have pink hair.....now that would be nice. Though many would disagree with that.....I don't care. I just think it'd be the greatest thing ever.......hmmmm, maybe flourescent pink....or Safety Orange. Though i am strange so no doubt i am the only one wanting safety orange as a hair color. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I have blonde hair.........I have dyed it.....green, red, purple and blue...I really liked blue cause it looked pretty cool when it grew out and the blonde root started to show.
  • Charm = PINK with few BLUE strands
    madhtr= safety ORANGE
    devilchild = BLUE with a BLONDE roots

    ........... what do we got? i said what do we got?! what do we got?

    "API National Color Flag"

    hhhmmmm........ I think it's about time that we should make our own (new) API FLAG, don't you think Lyndon?

    (okay okay put me at the center guys .... ready for a picture ..... in 1, in 2, and 3 .............. CHHEEEESSEEE :D )

    Charm :blink:
  • I love it.....let those colors wave proudly....hehehe. ;)
  • My hair is dark brown. I have dyed it blue before and red and then a few times I've bleached it blonde. When I had it bleached blonde I looked like Eminem(who I hate) and this guy I used to work with would yell "My name is what? My name is what?" everytime I walked by :angry:
  • If I was to dye my hair then I would just ad blonde highlights to my light brown hair. I have no interest in changing my hair colour at all, I like my hair just the way it is.

  • Wow, I have dyed my hair, and LOTS!!!!! It's naturally auburn, but I've gone to dark ash brown to light ash brown (started to hate the green tint to it, so quit doing the 'ash' shades), have bleached it to platinum (got lots of comments at that time about how much I looked like Marilyn Monroe like that), then one time, I had hair half way down my back, all naturally auburn, and got a bug up my bonnet to do something different, so I went and had it all shaved to about 1/4 inch long and had it dyed pink. (the colour was a Clarol Baby Blush) Right now though it's just highlighted though, nothing special. (got that "Mom" image I have to uphold!) B)
  • I have dark brown hair with blonde highlights. To be spontaneuos I would grow my hair more and dye it Bull Blood Red. Very dark red like Gene Starwind. I would have my mom style it because she is, in fact, a stylist.
  • I have dark brown hair, i'll probably dye it black with a blue tint (I believe some people call it "blue-black" or something like that). I'm no goth, but I reckon the 'electric blue' tint would look awesome B)
  • Actually what's funny is I'm going to dye my hair(er...part of it...)for Halloween. I have light brown hair and I have never dyed it ever...but for Halloween I'm going to die my bangs white to pull off a good Rogue from X-Men.

    However...in dying the whole thing...I think I would probably not dye it. I would only get streaks of something like that because I like my hair color...and I don't want it to go away.

  • What color(s) I dye my hair depends entirely on the next tattoo/piercing my girlfriend gets. The larger the tattoo, the louder my hairstyle! Sounds like a fair trade, don't you think?
  • I have never dyed my hair, but with the advancement of age I may consider it as an option sooner rather than later!

    If I did ever dye my hair it would simply be to cover up the grey and restore my natural colour.

    If I was meant to have green hair
  • [quote]Originally posted by Steve F STAFF@Oct 22 2002, 09:12 AM
    [b]If I was meant to have green hair
  • My hair has always been dark brown....
    and that's it. Over the years now its not as dark as it used to be.. I have a lot of gray hair on the sides now... :( and I keep it it very short these days... :lol:

  • I had a period when I dyed my hair all the time. Black, blue, purple, blonde, red and all sorts combinations of these colors. And I didn't just dye the hair on my head (WARNING:do not try to bleech any hairs below forehed). I had to stop beacuse the shower got all messed up from the colors. Still to this day i looks like a psycadelic piece of art. :P
  • (WARNING:do not try to bleech any hairs below forehed). [/b]

    Thank God I read that before I decided to bleach my mustache!! :lol: :blink:
  • Originally posted by Susan B STAFF@Oct 26 2002, 05:14 PM
    Thank God I read that before I decided to bleach my mustache!! :lol: :blink:

    WOW!!! A woman who scratches her a**, picks her nose and a moustache? Speedie I am falling in love with you, a woman of your calibre is hard to come by. :wub:
  • ...Thats so mean...


    I would dye my hair electric blue... I had it a subtle blue, but didnt like it. It would look nifty with electric blue. :ph34r:
  • I have light brown hair but it has been tipped blonde....also the swimming turns it lighter....a lot lighter!!!

    i used to have dark brown hair but it got turned light brown by the chlorine in the pool. And then i got it tipped blonde
  • As anxious as I was last night for Halloween I dyed my hair white in the front(with temporary dye) and it didn't come out as white. It looked a little gray ish and so when I went out in public, one of my friends said "I guess time has treated you well since I last saw you" and I laughed. I just thought I would share that remark with you guys.

  • I would dye it blue, or jet black.
    or blond,when it gets long.
  • I've never actually got around to dying my hair as parents protest, but I either want brown highlights and streaks along the top and front to got with my spikes.

    Either that or tips blue or srteaked, as a friend said that blue goes with black chinese hair, and would look really cool!

  • I would dye my hair blonde! :D
  • I would all kinds of coloers in my hair. I would put a red stripe then a blue one and a green one and so on until I had a head that was full of all kinds of coloers.
  • I use to have some highlights in my hair but I just found it a waste of money, besides I'm really happy with what the good Lord has given me.

    BTW why change? I mean are you not happy with your self or your appeances (sp?)?
  • Originally posted by Kaver@Mar 2 2003, 02:23 AM
    BTW why change? I mean are you not happy with your self or your appeances (sp?)?

    Well, balck hair gets bering after 13 odd years, and I ahven't had my hair done any other colour, so I would like to try it at least once.

    I'm happy with my hair, just I want to be even happier with it!

  • I've never dyed my hair, Its a dark brown but has alot of red in it, which can't be seen, and that makes
    people ask me if I dye my gotee because it has Two red streaks near either side.
  • i would do red tips, i already have black hair. or may be gray tips. hmm... :unsure:

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