• does anyone know what happens if you dont change your oil when the warning light is on? i have just done 90km without changing it! does it damage your engine in any way?
  • You will lose horsepower any way but the thing is that the engine does take some damage. Like when you give it the oil change once your done the series and you have driven it while the oil light was on. The car will not get back all of its power, hence, a 800 HP car wil end up with like 780.

    Hope that helps
  • [b]But the worst thing about it is that the car looses so much horsepower during the competition - on of my F1 cars lost over 250hp during the F1 series - try beating 800hp cars with 550hp :(
  • Yes, you'll permanently loose HP.
    I did it to my 1st Viper GTS because I was'nt paying attention to the oil and did'nt know.

    Also, I tried to change my oil in the middle of a series race by saving, change oil and re-loading but it didn't work. It did not restore my HP.
  • Because you loose so much hp you should be able to change your oil during a series race, otherwise you can permanantly loose hp.

    This is one major detail that was overlooked in the making of this game.

    After about 4 races in the formula championship my oil warning light came on, even though i changed my oil right before entering the series, and i could not change it during the series, so i kept on loosing hp.
  • I want to do the GT-ALLstars pro and I was wondering if the light comes on in the middle of a series will you lose hp?
  • A little trick that I use to save my engine a bit is to only do as many of the races as you have to in order to win the series. For example, in a 10 race series, if you win the first 6 or 7 races you can sometimes win the series on those points alone. That way you can get the money, and car, and change your oil before it kills you. You can also go back and individually win the last few races for the %, and change oil after everyone if you please.
  • I have 2 or 3 of some models now.
    I'm saving them for future races.
    So, be careful before you sell off dup cars!
    Especially the F1's.
  • Guys, changing your oil is a great way to get a few extra horses (Only 250cr!!!). Any thing between 5-10Hp can be got.
    When you drive your car you actually run in your engine
    & your Hp increases!!!!!!!
    I've noticed my cars increasing 1-2 Hp per race up to about 10Hp.
    I change my oil every 100K or after every endurance race just to be on the save side.
    Your car will eventually start losing some Hp because of wear but it will stop after so many K's are knocked up & you won't lose anymore. :thumbsup:
  • I've noticed in my F090 that i have to change my oil every 150 miles or so.