final fantasy 9 questions
  • where do you get a dead pepper in this game? and does anyone know how to get to the library in alexandria? Please let me know if you can answer these questions thanks.
  • Dead pepper can be found by digging for it in the Chocobo "Hot and Cold" game.
  • i have been doing the chocobo hot + cold game for a while now and haven't seem to get a dead pepper is there something i should do?
  • n/e body know where i can get some fast exp?
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  • yes i do know where u can get some fat exp. go to gizamulukes grotto and go to where the moogle couple was. go up the vine and make sure avery 1 in ur party has auto-reflect and auto regen. u will fight some big dragons that use big attacks such a thundaga and some other magic. hopefully it will bounce off and have quina use levl5 death u will get about 8802 exp each turn.
  • I have also been playing hot and cold for a while and never dond a dead pepper.
  • No, you need a dead pepper to get to the Air Garden.
  • I did not find any dead peppers until I had the red chocobo and I had returned to the chocobo forest.
  • I have about 30 dead peppers and I just got to the air garden, so keep digging. After you get a certain amount of chocographs you will start to dig them up.
  • stupid peppers i can't get them!!!!
  • ok wheres that stupid gemini Stellazzio if i don't find it i'm gonna go fruity help me please Kupo...
  • Stelazzio ehhh...i have a list here i'll give them 2 u
    cause i am the code master!

    Stellazzio Quest

    Aries: Dali; In the windmill all the way to be back (not downstairs)

    Cancer: Burmecia; behind the overturned cart

    Scorpio: Quan Cave spring

    Gemini: Fountain at the first screen after you enter
    Treno; throw coins thirteen times into the fountain.

    Taurus: Treno; behind the item shop.

    Virgo: Black Mage Village Inn; around the beds

    Libra: Madain Sari fountain

    Leo: Alexandria (after raid); Left Tower near Neptune

    Sagittarius: Linblum; in the left side of the 3d screen up of the Commercial Square.

    Capricorn: Dargelo Library; right hand side

    Aquarius: Ipsen Heritage; right hand pillar at entrance

    Pisces: Treasure chest inside Invincible.

    13th Stellazzio: Return to the Quan Cave that's east of Treno after collecting and returning all 12 coins.
  • thank you kindly.....i feel bad since leaving stilstsken and not paying him he died :( damn it cleyra and Brahne killed my moogle friend...kupo..
  • ok i feel really dumb asking but....i have 13 chocographs and 4 pieces and i cannot figure out where to go next (my choco is red and ive been to the lagoon and forest).
  • Dead peppers are used to get into Chocobo's Air Garden (among other things) which links up with another of your questions.
  • When you get a golden Chocobo and then Go to Chocobo's Paradise and Blue Chocobo will give you them for free