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  • Hi, does anyone know if GameSharks and Codebreakers damage your ps2? And which one is the most reliable?


  • As far as I know, which is about as far as I can throw this Monitor...stupid slow internet, is that Gameshark doesn't affect your system.

    I have a gameshark, but for PSX (I know I'm breaking my no cheating rule..back then) the only probelms I had was that the system freezed consantly. So if your up to restarting your system every now and then go for it, but as for PS2 I have no idea.

    Also in the future, try to put all PS Hardware questions in the directed area, Thanks!

    Have fun Gaming! Don't Drink and Game!

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  • The Gameshark for the PS2 = do not buy. The way it works is confusing and the GS goes through the memory card slot...it doesnt even fit so you feel like your hurting the PS2. The one for PSX is great cause it plugs from the back. If you want a cheat system get Code Breaker. Im sure it would be more reliable and not erase all the data on itself like my Gameshark..;) that was so much fun by the way seeing all my data gone!
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