I Hate Capcom!
  • I hate capcom because it is letting Game Cube have Resident evil! I dont mind if Game Cube or even x-Box have it, but it is messed up when it takes a good game series that was for the Play Station and PS2 and gives it to game cube! :angry: It should be for all systems! When I first heard of the RE1 remake I was excited, but then I heard it was only for game cube! Later I read OPM and it said that the RE series belongs to Game Cube!! All we PS2 owners get is RE online! It sounds cool but that is it! I don't want to waste money on buying a new system just to play one game!! :angry:
  • This is the gaming industry, get used to it. ;)
  • In a world made of money for money, gaming goes the same way. Expect the unexpected and get what's not coming to you. Basically, Capcom goes the way of the money and if they think they'll sell more games elsewhere then they will(hence their 5 new GC exclusive games announced, will name if asked). Unfortunately you can't get attached to one company anymore because once you do then they will go the other way....or at least it'll feel that way to you. Just remember that we'll have Clocktower 3 so for all the GC only fans...well, i won't say anything because i like the system but you get at what i'm saying....oh, and Clocktower 3 is a survival horror title from Capcom also. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I aggree with Rex, many other stuff happened like that,
    some things were even worse, some of the capcom games are really good though.
    But, that is buisness :) :rolleyes: :lol:
  • With games becomming very expensive to make ( some costing tens of millions and needing up to a hundred people) I predict that third party firms like Capcom will greatly reduce their Format Exclusive releases in the coming years. This is a good thing for all of us as the games we play should not be dictated by the console we own.
  • Well... You just have to accept it... There are lots of games that I wouldn't like to appear on Dreamcast, X-Box or Gamecube, for Example Phantasy Star Online I would really for it to appear on Ps2 but I just have to accept it... The only thing you can do is getting used to it....
  • Don't forget, Square stole Final Fantasy from Nintendo and gave it to the PSX consoles. :o

    Other popular gaming series stolen from the big N include:

    -Metal gear
    -Star Ocean (The original Star Ocean was a Super Famicom game)
    -Final Fantasy
    - Tales of Phantasia (Namco RPG series)
    -Breath of Fire
  • You can't exactly call those "stolen" series as they're property of the developers....in all these cases at least(2nd party Developers are technically in-house). Basically Nintendo gave away FF as it refused to go the way of the future and stuck to their carts. Square wanted lots of FMV and the storage of carts just didn't cut it. Notice how now that Nin. has moved into disks that FF will be returning to their systems(on March 1st in U/C). It's my opinion that developers should be allowed to do with their games whatever they want as it's what they feel is best. With Capcom, Survival will still be on the PS2 with Clock Tower 3 coming out this March....you'll see that the controls will be much smoother than RE ever was. I think that you'll enjoy it even more. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Ya I'm mad too about that. But after the R.E. Movie, the game just went down hill! R.E.:Code Veronica X wasn't as good as 1,2,and3! And that R.E.Zero just looks plain dumb! But I have descovered a new series, Silent Hill 1,and 2. Have'nt Played 3 yet but if it is as scary as 2 then It is one of the best!

    See ya later :ph34r:
  • I'm the owner of a Gamecube, and I'm delighted at this move. Before any of you start complaining, most 3rd party developers now have games for the big 3 consoles. We've lost Rare to X-box, and need something to make up for it.

    All consoles have their own good games - how I would like GTA, GT, Halo, etc...Stil I can't have them, and thats life so stick with it. <_<
  • Unfortunately Dude
  • Look how long the N64 lasted with only 4 publishers(including the big N) so i don't think you have to worry about the GC for the same reason. With Zelda and 1080 coming out the next two months from Nintendo and games such as Ikaruga(spectacular shooter) and the Capcom games coming out soon, i don't think the GC will be gone before the next Gen systems start to be released late 2005(MS and Nin.). Oh, and for those who're curious, those Capcom games(other than RE4) will be coming out across the platforms and not just for the GC as previously stated by Capcom. Oh, and not sure what stats you were checking Steve but last week the GC outsold the X almost 4-1 according to NPD(an independant company). With the GBA outselling the PS2 last week in Japan, i don't think there'll be a shortage in that, especially with the SP selling out the first day in Japan and it coming out next month in U/C and PAL arenas. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • If EA remove support the console is as good as dead. EA didnt provide titles such as FIFA to the dreamcast and it suffered drastically.
    There may be makers of better games out there but they dont come much bigger than EA and if they arent running out product for you then trouble is around the corner.

    As for the N64 lasting so long with only 4 publishers, just how many quality titles were produced in that period? You had golden eye and then about four years later perfect dark. Must of the output on the N64 was for kids which explains the pokemon finished versions you could buy when the console was reaching its demise.

    The "cute, cuddly" GC aint there yet - but it only takes so many kiddie games until you console looses credibility with the main demographic (16-35) and christmas and birthdays dont come often enough for a games publisher!