Typing Speed
  • I would mark myself a seven, I am faster than most of my friends but some type crazy.
  • I'm not fast but not as fast as most people and I always look at the keyboard when I type. I have memrized but it's a bad habit.
  • I rate myself at 10. I can type like wildfire if I'm in the mood.
  • I'd have to say that i'm averagely fast. Meaning i type 40WPM but i only use two fingers to do so and with nearly 100% accuracy. So if i actually took the time to actually learn to type normally then i could just imagine how fast i could type. When using two fingers, it takes a great knowledge of the keyboard and also you have to be able to know what you want to type next to be able to type this fast. Anywho, i rated myself a 5 for average. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I also use the index finger dance tecniqe when typing.
    I can type reall fast this way but I tend to think rather slow so... :lol:
  • I try to get all my fingers in ythe right position, using thumb for spacebar and so on, as I'm still young, and I think that everybody needs to learn to touchtype. I can do it, but with only 50% accuracy, which is pretty crap. I chose 6 for a bit above average, as im faster than madhtr, who did 40wpm.

    I can do 46wpm with 97% accuracy, which I dont think is bad. 60wpm is supposed to be like proffessional speed or something; a word a second.

    For a relatively accurate test go HERE
    It's very good. I used 'strategic alliances with competitors'
    It does groos and net speed, number of errors and you can adjus other options too.

  • I gave myself a 9. At average i can type 65 words per minute with 100%, and every now and then i get up to 72 words per minute with 99% accuracy.
  • I rated myself an 8 because i don't look at the keyboard when i type and i use about 4 fingers to type (2 on each hand) so with me typing this way i can type pretty fast.

    Thats why you'll probably see spelling mistakes, honestly i not a bad speller :ph34r: :rolleyes:
  • I would say that I am a little below average. Just like Crash I have all my fingers in the right position and my thumb for the space bar... hey I just noticed that I use my right index finger for the space bar... how `bout that!

    Anyway I type about 30-35 WPM so that would be slightly below average.
  • I put myself down as a 9. I can type faster than anyone I know. I can type about 70-85 wpm. I took a keyboarding class 2 years ago which helped me learn how to type with very high speed and great accuracy.
  • I'd put myself about a 9, I'm pretty good. I can usually hit around 80-85 with 100% accuracy, but with about 80% I can get around 90+. Been taking keyboarding classes for the past 3 years (stupid school requirements) so I been consistently getting better.
  • I voted for a 4, though now that I think of it some more, I may have been a bit too generous. I do know where my fingers should be, but they act very dislexic!! And, I'm not that good at typing something that I'm reading, I do much better typing out my thoughts.
  • I'm alot like you with typing Speedie. I need to watch the keyboard while my fingers do their dance, so
    typing something that I have to read is a slow, tedious task. It's much better when it's written down
    on the computer (or online), then I can just copy & past.
  • I put myself at at a 2. Combine that I look at my hands and mainly use 4 fingers and have some arthritis in my fingers I am a very slow typer. Also if i go back and spellcheck that makes it slower yet. :) Oh and that is a good day on a bad day I might as well type with my nose :lol:

  • I gave myself an 8... using crash's test i got 65WPM with 96% accuracy, i can type without looking at the keys and always amaze my classmates with my typing :D
  • Here's a site where you can test your typing skills... WPM mine was 41 I slow. http://www.typingtest.com/
  • I should take the time to type properly, but that would bite into my gaming time. I'm actually fairly proficient being an index finger pecker. I must agree that typing my thoughts is much easier than trying to transcribe something I'm reading.
  • I picked the number 9. Currently I type 104 wpm with 97% accuracy...so I guess that would get me a 9 vote.
  • I went on that site and I got 49 words per minute with 100% accuracy. I sprained my wrist or something a day ago and I tried it again and I only got 29 wpm with 100% accuracy because my wrist hurts everytime I use my right hand to type something. B) :P ;) :(

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