Supernatural Type Thread
  • I remember ages ago we had a similar thread and it got a lot of input, so it may be a good a topic as any to get people posting!

    What are your views on all things supernatural and paranormal?

    Do you believe in ghosties and goblins (no, not the arcade classic :P) and things that go bump in the night?

    Have you ever had an experience that freaked you out and couldn
  • I do believe in the supernatural. I had a couple of things happen that resulted in something else. Ill show in an example

    *It was Christmas Eve and my whole family (20) people were eating in the dining room. My grandmother got up really quick and went to go catch a falling picture. The picture was of my aunt and uncles wedding. The weird thing is that there was absolutely no wind or anything going on that could of made this one picture fall and not the others. A year later the same aunt and uncle started having marriage problems. I believe it was my grandfather(passed away when i was 5) and sent a sign that his daughter and her husband was going to be in trouble. As Italians and being close knit wiht family we took it as the omen it was.

    *3 Months ago my grandmother went to goto sleep when she woke me up and had me come in the room. A picture of The Blessed Mother Mary was above her usual Dresser. The weird thing was was that the top of Mary's head was glowing a faint green. We had no lights on so i wasnt recuperating from the light into dark and all the blinds were down. It only happened that one night.

    -I believe in the super natural, i also believe in other beings in Space. I mean how can we e the only ones in this vast amount of space. It is hard to deny it when we do not know how far space goes it. To me space goes out forever.
  • In my old house there were some weird stuff going on. Exept from the usual "someone's walking on the lower/upper floor" and the "seing semi transparant beings walking up the stairs" there is this one incident that I to this day can not explain.

    Me and my girlfriend had just gone to bed (to sleep for a change). The blind was down and the light was off.
    All of a sudden there was this noise, like an upgoing spiral noise, the kind you hear in soem videogame when a twirling spell is casted or something, and I saw a faint green light scurry across the ceiling.

    Now I'm not the kind of person that get's scared by sudden unexpected happenings, so I just sat up an told my now panicing girlfriend that I was gonna go check what it might have been.
    I thought that maybe the spring in the blind had broken causing the sound and releasing enough energy to make the light. But the blind was working perfectly.
    I told my girlfriend that the spring had snapped and explained the mechanics of a blind and she soon fell asleep while I stayed awake for quite a while, scared $hitle$$.

    I still can't explain what happened that night, even though I made a full investigation of the entire room.

    So to answer your question STEVE, no I don't belive in supernatural occurences.
    I belve that the human mind need to undersatnd its surroundings and when normal scientific means fail to do so then the primal part takes a shot at it and the result is witchcraft and boogymen.

  • Hmm, i guees it's safe to say i have a "cassandra complex".

    I say stuff, it happens.
    As well as precognitive dreams to some small degree also.

    Just 2 and a bit months ago, my mother was cooking beans to go with dinner.
    I was staying at her house for the night as i was working in that town for the week.
    She asked me if i wanted beans with my dinner or sweetcorn.
    I opted for sweetcorn because when she said "beans" i had a very wince making wrench in the gut.
    Anyways, she had her beans, as did her partner (my 2nd mum), and for the next two days they had extreme diarhea (sp) and sickness.
    I mentioned it to her afterwords.

    Other example
    For the last two months, i had been having very bad dreams regarding one of my relatives.
    We was in a typical anglso saxon battle scene, and this relative had his hip severely injured.
    In the dream i managed to get him to a stream and clean the wound.
    I mentioned this to my mother, who pannicked and told me that my grandad had received a letter not to long ago about going in to hospital for a hip operation.
    Just over a week ago, i visited that relative in hospital, and he was already receiving phsyio just 2 days after the operation.
    He was in the pool when we arrived, and there was a person with long blond hair with him, sitting on the side of the shallow "entry pool" which is a 10meter length of waist deep water.
    (note: i have long blonde hair as lola can attest)

    I often have dreams like this, and have done for as long as i can recall.
    It gives me no joy to say "i told you so, but you never listened to me".

    Thats two of the most recent, other than a couple of things happening at work where i had no joy in saying "i told you so".

    Make of it what you will.

  • I do and don't believe in the supernatural. Ghosts and the like yes, monsters no.

    I have never had dealings with the supernatural myself.

    UFO's and aliens I definitely believe in. It is utterly impossible that we are the only life in the universe.
  • The fact that there might be life on a remote moon on the far side of the galaxy hardly proof the existance of flying saucers or UFO as they are called.

    I belive that UFO sightings are our times witch spottings. If there is a bright moving light in the sky in the middle of the night, what other can it be then a UFO? Right?
  • I've seen and heard things that I can't explain. I believe that other forces than the physical are at work in our world. I could go on, but I'm already getting tired of typing, and I haven't even been to the Jokes and Trivia page yet.
  • Lack of evidence does not prove existence.
    Nore does it disprove it.

  • I belive in gremlins, they're fast little buggers & damn near impossible so see (like a golden snitch, only
    faster & harder to see). You can only see them out of the corner of your eye, running silently across the
    floor, but if you turn your head to look at them directly you won't see them & just assume you imagined it.

    Their purpose is to annoy. They take small fallen objects after they have left your line of sight for a
    fraction of a second and return them when they're no longer needed or looked for (thumbtacs are a
    favorite). They also direct any rolling object, no matter how clean the floor is, to the filthiest area (have
    you ever wondered why, if you drop the last biscut onto the kitchen floor, it will steer it's roll under the

    Well, if you've ever wondered why these little annoying things happen all the time, now you know.

    BTW. They don't assist in tost landing butter side down, that's all to do with the hight it is droped from,
    kitchen bench height is optimal.
  • Well I had expeirenced something like this when my grandmother passed on back in 1990.

    There is validity in this story because I was not the only person who saw this my cousin also saw the same thing at the same time.

    Here's the story:

    It was a few days after my grandma passed away a few members of the family gathered at her house to show there condolences to my mother, her sisters, and to my grandpa, and of course to the grandkids. But anyways, my cousin and I where sitting by the window with our backs facing the window and to our right was the couch where my mother, my grandfather, one of my aunts, and one of my moms cousins were sitting. It must have been around 8pm or 9pm anyways it was in the evening and I looked up (above the couch maybe a foot or two) were these huge set of black lips that just zipped right across the top of the couch. At first I thought it must have been just a fly but flies don't get that big this thing was just smaller than a dollar bill and that the colour was fadded like your shadow. So I got freaked out and I looked over at my cousin and he also looked at me so I asked him, Did you see that? Yeah he replied.

    That's when my mom and his mom looked at us and asked us what did see? When we told them they said it must have been a fly or a large bug. But when I explained to them what I saw my cousin said that that's exactly what he saw. Then we figured out it must have been our grandma saying goodbye.

    Well that's it I've also been in an actual haunted house just your typical TV turning on in the middle of the night when nobody touched the remote, dog's barking at the walls, doors slaming shut by themselves, telephone ringing and nobody on the other end (no it wasn't a crank caller), and my favorite voices coming from a TV that was turn off.

    So yes I do beleive in ghosts.