Racing Games For Ps2
  • I just bought my first PS2 and I'd like an opinion on the best racing game for this platform. Xbox has a number of excellent titles such as Gotham racing and Test drive, and so far I've been disappointed at the PS2 titles I've rented (Midnight club racing, Ridge racer). Any suggestions for PS2 w/ damage, licensed cars, good graffics and good playabilty?


  • Grand Theft Auto(if you count it) and Gran Turismo 3 I think are really good
  • Midnight Club 2 looks cool
    Burnout 2
    Extreme G III
    GTA Vice City is a cool game
  • Well the PS2 has far better racing games than the Xbox. GT3 is the best racing game in terms of car phisics, the cars handle great, as realistic as a console simulation can be, but it dosen't have damage it has lots of licensed cars and great graphics, and it last forever. Another great game is F1 2002(EA) if you like F1 racing is the best game, great car phisics, beautiful graphics, and it's very hard, letting you choose if you want car damage forgiving, total, or none at all. If you like Rallies, Colin Mc Rae 3 is coming out real soon.
  • Gran Turismo 3 is still the daddy of racing sims on the PS2 and it is also out on Platinum meaning it is cheap to buy even brand new!

    The only problem with it is the lack of damage to cars (there isn
  • A good racing game for the x-box is rally sport challenge or try Sega GT. Those are quiet good.

    I like atv off road fury, the only real racing game I have besides GTA3 and vicecity.

    Also try : need for speed hot pursuit 2