Could You Be A "body-double"?
  • Last Friday I happened to be visiting one of the local 'Rest Home's'..........I'm thinking of putting Ma in one!! :P Nah, just fooling, I was actually visiting with a friend of mine. Her Grandfather used to shoe my horses, many moon's ago, and I thought it would be nice to catch up with him.

    Anyway, we would of been there for about 10min's, top's? When I was approached by another gentleman, who preceded to tell me I looked alot like 'Diana Dors (Dore's, SP?) in her "Hay-Day". This was not the first time I've been told so, it's happened on two other occasion's also.

    I can't though, in all honesty agree with them, as I've never seen Ms Dor's to form an opinion. All I know is that she was an actress.......probably in and around the 1940's, as this gentleman would of been pushing 90 something? Even his gum's looked worn!!!
    Well, it got me to thinking? Just if anyone else, here at APi, has been told (or even may think it themselves?), that they too "look" like someone famous? Might not nec' be a movie-star, could even by a famous sport's person, or anybody for that matter who has had their mug on the telly!
  • What do you mean could I be a body double??

    You obviously haven't seen some of my work.

    That last over the wall scene in Free Willy, well the good ole Orca wasn't quite up to the task. A bit shy on the full camera nudity, So good ole Fat Jiffy had to step in. :D Only took me 2 goes at it, still got some bad rash on my stomach from when I didn't make the first attempt.

    They tell me Rex looks alot like "Tootsie" on his good days :D
  • well not me but my cousin looks just like this show on American dreams on NBC I believe. She was an extra and they moved her away from the star cause she looked so much like her. Isnt that cool:)
  • DL, you may be able to pass off as one of the teletubbies.....

    I may be able to pass off as a rock maybe......or if they're ever in need of someone to sit and type at a PC constantly.....

    Other than that i am as far from looking like anyone as one could be. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • So you kind of look like this then Bid?

    Maybe you should use your own pic as an av. It'd get my vote ;).

    As for me, I could pass for Robert DeNero from his role as Frankenstien's monster, but I'm not very big (only 60 kg)
  • I've been told numerous times i look similar to John Travolta. Same butthole chin, jaw line and nose. I don't see it. Since losing my hair, I think I resemble a 5' 9" dildo with ears.
  • Iv'e been told I looked like Jhon too! I don't think I look like him that much though! I would pass as any normal kid going to school!
  • So what you really are after Bid is to know what we look like. :lol:
    Susan knew about an actor that somewhat resembles me, I'll have to ask her his name again since I forgot it.
  • Any of you ever see Tommy Boy? ... Well, I could have played the older brother to Chris Farley as the son of Brian Dennehy. Years ago, when I wore a beard and my hair long, I was told a number of times that I looked like Bob Golic (Raiders Lineman) but I never saw it. As for body doubles, maybe for Ron Jeremy, but that would be about it....... :P
  • Well my brother was told by people who worked at his friends work that he looked like Tom Cruise...except MUCH MUCH taller.

    A guy on my brother's baseball team looks like Josh Hartnett...minus his nose.

    My friend has been told she looks like Julia Styles.

    I've been told on numerous occasions that I looked like Mia Thermopolis(after her makeover) on Princess Diaries and once that I looked like Aki from the Final Fantasy Movie.

    I believe the one about Mia Thermopolis out of the two though.
  • I dont look like anybody except for my father and mother put together.


    My father is an identical look alike to Al Pacino. He has the exact gotee and salt and pepper type hair. He is full Italian like Pacino and wears his exact suit.
  • Thank's for the link.....& the vote, KG :wub: ^_^
    Can't in all honesty say I'm an exact replica? But plonk me in the same outfit and arrange my hair to match, and I could pass for a fair facsimile? Her brow's are more pronounced then mine, and her cheek's are fuller.......but I guess I can sort of see what they were talking about <_< ??<br />Maybe I should use a photo of myself?? Let you judge :P

    A "ROCK" Mad? A Whale FJ? A 5'9 dildo and Frankenstien's monster???? Come on you guy's!!! Methink's you lot are far tooooooo modest <_< .<br />
    And what's wrong with Chris Farley/Brian Dennehy??? Can't say I know who Ron Jeremy is though? Please enlighten me, we still live in fear of the "Magical Box" in the parlour, and the sky falling!LOL

    Mia Thermopolis, is quite pretty.....although you'd wanna be with a last name like that!
    And as for your dad, Gene, looking like Al Pacino, well it stands to reason that you too, would have a similar appearance. Am I right????

  • I was once told that I look like Harry Potter. Personally, I didn't see it. And they say I don't look like him anymore. But I am never going to live that one down.

    Now, I'd say I look like one of those nobody's. One of those, ugly, nobody's.
  • the only person ive been told i look like, and its not really a person is DARIA!!!!!! ha ha!!!
  • I have been told numerous times that I look like Micheal Keaton. I think my eyes are very similar to his.

    Ron Jeremy is a famous... actor, I'll leave it at that. ;)
  • I notice Gid hasn't been on here singing his praises like normal. Could it be because you most resemble Albert Steptoe!!. As for me, I'm a genuine original who looks like me. :D

    Keep it 146
  • Steptoe Jnr, nah
  • I have been told I look like Clark Kent (6'5" - 235 lbs. - Glasses....etc). When the glasses come off, watch out!!! :P
  • [quote]Originally posted by Steve F STAFF@Mar 19 2003, 01:30 PM
    [b] Steptoe Jnr, nah
  • Originally posted by WreckinBall@Mar 17 2003, 02:56 PM
    As for body doubles, maybe for Ron Jeremy, but that would be about it....... :P

    Isn't that Jizz Master Zero?? Hehehe! Poor ol' Wreckin' having to body double with all those naked women!

  • I've had a few deranged people tell me that I sort of resemble Jodi Foster, and one really deranged woman recently told me that, with my 'new' (as of last summer) hair cut, she thinks I look like Ellen Degeneres. (?sp) AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! :ph34r:

    In my very young, and very (platinum) blonde days, I was told by lots of people that I looked like Marilyn Monroe, but these days I am more likely to resemble Chris Farley! :blink: (but with bigger boobs)
  • Susan looks just like Swedish actress Suzanne Reuter as far as I'm concerned. :D
  • Originally posted by LolaNicolina@Mar 26 2003, 04:37 AM

    [b]Isn't that Jizz Master Zero?? Hehehe!

    Ah! So that's who he is!! Sorta clicked on with what Rex said, but didn't want to make a ummm....errrrr.....'uneducated guess'? :P

  • people tell me I look like the lead singer of System of a Down alot. Also a couple of my friends think I look alot like Jaime Kennedy when I spike my hair. I don't really think I look like either mainly because of my four inch goatee.

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