• I found all 12 Stellazios and gave them all to the 'Queen' in Treno,.... now what?
  • not sure if this is true, but after reading past Stellazio threads (there are like 8 of them!) it looks like you need to wait until Disc 4 before you can find the 13th Stellazio.

    talk to the duck lady in Treno after you've given her all the Stellazio.
  • Try to remember where you found the Stellazio that was at the bottom of Quan's Dwelling near that pool of water. The 13th Stell. should be in the same area. Well, hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • You can Pm me too cause I was never able to find her out her name and I would like to go get it.
  • go to the quans dwelling after you found all twelve it should be there after you do go give it to the mouse lady for the magic hammer which will give you an alternate ending
  • Thanks guys!!!
  • I did it I did it!!!!!
  • Doesn't deter?
  • Thats what i meant PB.:mad: Its some added extra lines in the ending. Thats it end of story.
  • 13th Stellazio is in Quan's Dwelling and Dagger's (Garnet's) real name is Sarah you can go to Maidan Sari village without Dagger and Eiko and talk to Lani :2devilish: Thats it, use this knowlege wisely gamer!!! :thumbsup:
  • Here is the list of all Stellazios:
    Aries: Dali Windmill
    Cancer: Burmecia, behind an overturned cart.
    Scorpio: Kuwan Cave spring
    Gemini: Throw gil into the fountain at entrance of Treno 13 times.
    Taurus: Behind item shop in Treno
    Virgo: Black Mage Village Inn
    Libra: Madain Sari fountain
    Leo: Undestroyed Left Tower of Alexandria near Neptune Statue
    Sagittarius: Linblum Commercial Square, left side. 3rd screen upon entering