• Thought maybe we could start another fun word game here. We'll call it "Mad Gab", like the board game.

    Here's how it goes. (Obviously I will start) I'll type in a phrase, only I'll use different words that sound pretty close to the same. For example:

    Owa tana siam.

    You all need to sound it out to figure out what the 'real' phrase is that I'm getting at!

    Answer: Oh what an a$$ I am! :lol:

    Get it!!??

    OK, here we go:

    Throw pickle ray and for us

    As I said, it will sound CLOSE to the phrase that I am getting at....... you have to guess what the 'real' phrase is that I'm aiming toward.

    I'll let the winner know he/she has got it, then it will be his/her turn.

    HAVE FUN!! :D
  • Hmm, hard
    I'm guessing
    Two peculiar amphoras
    Probably VERY close :P

  • No Manne, this has nothing to do with you and the little woman!! :lol: Try again!!

    Everyone out there, come on, it's fun!!!!!!
  • :huh: Two picture, Toe picker, TROPICAL RAINFOREST.
    That's gotta be it! :D

  • Toe picker!?!?!?!? HAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!! :lol:

    Yes, tropical rain forrest!!! Very good, now it's your turn! :D
  • I pee at dresses!
  • Is it IP adresses? I am pretty sure it is close if I am not right!
  • No, I really do pee at dresses, I just wanted to share that with everyone. :P

    Of course the right answer is IP-adresses.

    Now you have a go Tony. :)
  • What a guess. :D I never heard of IP addresses, I don't have any good ones so the floor is shiny and waiting for anyone to take it.

  • Well, fine, since I'm the one who started this mess, then I'll take the next one!! :P

    nosed ring sat hatched

    There, what's that phrase!?!?
  • oh I wana play!

    Okay it has to be "No strings attached"


  • Correct you are badboy!! :D

    Give us a good one please!! :D
  • I think it harder to think up these words then to figure them out, so I give it to whoever can come up with one.

    p.s. sorry about the wait for my reply
  • Ok, I'll take it, and since I enjoy urinating so much:

    Let us pee on John!

  • Need to get you some adult diapers, Honey, what size should I look for!? :P

    Man..... the only thing that keeps coming to mind when I read that (other than picturing someone urinating on my poor son :( ) is

    Lattice Pension


    Lettuce Pension......

    This is a good one!!!!!
  • Since I have offended your son I will give you this:
    It's not a phrase, more of things from the same place.
    And the lettuce is right!

  • Lettuce, peas and ...... corn??

    no, ONIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • No, I think I might no what it is.

    Is it Lettuce Pejohn?
  • Originally posted by badboy 3223@Mar 12 2003, 07:24 PM

    Is it Lettuce Pejohn?

    Uuuuh, what's that!?!? Even my Google search comes up empty handed!! :blink:
  • Actually I have no idea my self, at the time it sounded right? :P :rolleyes:
  • That's good badboy, you should try. It never hurts to try. And it makes me laught too, Pejohn? :lol: Maybe it's spme kind of ancient asian board game :lol:

    Susan you're right, lettuce pea onion, write it down on your shopping list and see what your son thinks about it! :lol:

  • Yes, that's it! I'll write on my list "Let us pee on John" and see what he says!! HAHAHA!!! I can just see his face now!! :blink:

    Ok, here's the next one:

    fed oral pure row oven vest egg a son
  • Darn it, you beat me to it Knowze Gungk.

    Im positive your right.

    Federal Bureal investigation a.k.a. FBI

  • Yes Knowze, that's the one!
    (sorry this has taken so long, Dark Cloud has me hooked! :D )

    Your turn! :P
  • I'm going to hand this one over to you Badboy, since ya took the
    time & effort to post the full answer while I was too lazy to bother.
  • Sw33t, I finally figured out one to post.

    Here it is.

    Ask Rude Arrive Her

    Preety easy.
  • No, not regular rock. Me want philips.
  • Make that doubble vodka and no ice. :D
  • Mannen and Knowze......what the hell are you talking about!? :blink: :blink: :blink:
  • You aren't familiar with The Far Side comics?

    Don't pay attention to Manne, he just hasn't taken his normal pills today.
  • I wonder whet would happen if he took the wrong pills? And I don't know the first word but i think the second word is arriver!
  • Alright enough already. Your confusing the yung'ins. I'll end this...

    A screwdriver. Either the drink or the tool.

    Not tools like Steve or FJ ;) , the hand tool.
  • Originally posted by Rex77@Mar 19 2003, 02:46 PM

    Not tools like Steve or FJ ;) , the hand tool.

    You should never say the words 'hand' and 'tool' together in the same sentence, it makes one 'think' about you two!! :blink: :lol:
  • oh farside comics, yeah I have read a couple, but not that many.

    Okay wel,l yes Rex you got it.

    Give a good one.
  • I'll pass the floor to anybody who wants it.
  • Okay, i just made this one up, I hope someone can figure it out. I think its kind of hard, mabey not.

    whats in the man trix
  • Hmmmmmmmmmm??????...... "what's in the matrix"??? I think..... ( therefore I am ) :P
  • well yeah you basically got it Susan.

    I tried to pull off a What is the Matrix type thing, but couldnt do it probablly.

    So its your turn once again, give it a wirl.

    p.s. how the hell do you people come up with the good ones?
  • Originally posted by badboy 3223@Mar 22 2003, 09:52 PM
    p.s. how the hell do you people come up with the good ones?

    The way to make a good mad gab is to base it on sounds. Not words.
  • Okay, well I can anwser them correctly all the time but I cant make them up.

    But i wont stop trying.
  • I hope you don't mind if I steal the stage Susan..but I heard a really good one today. You can steal the stage back if you want to.

    Us Us Pinch Hump Ridge

    Good luck to you all.
  • what? whoa thats a tuffy.

    Us Us Pinch Hump Ridge, huh?

    ummmm, Uspin chumpridge?

    I have no idea :unsure: :( <_<
  • Maybe it's something like

    A suspention bridge?
  • Damn it Manne, that one had me stumped. You had to go for a simple answer. So you, you, you...

    ...go and boil your bottom, you son of a silly person.

  • RedKenny, since you asked so nicely, I don't mind at all, especially since you came up with such a good one!!! :D
    I'm sure Manne's got it right!! (the lousy stinkin' little weasel!) :P
  • Yeah he does Susan. The stolen floor is now yours manneman. Make a good one. I wanna make my parents wonder about my sanity when I am sitting in front of the computer trying to get the stress on the right words.
  • I guess it helps to have a native laungage that isn't English (and to be slighly derranged) in these kind of things.

    Here's a new one.

    Lure Dove Mare Sea
  • That sounds like the root of that is French. Can't figure out how to spell french words though...so I'm out.
  • The last word is probably merci.

  • Lord have Mercy......???
  • :lol: What is that sus?
    Are you comenting on the previous replies or are you answering, maybe a little bit of both? :lol:

    You are right and the floor is all yours.

  • Heh heh heh, actually I was thinking out loud about that other riddle thing you have out there, the one about the numbers and the STAFF members!! :lol:

    Spay get he hand me tables

    There, that should be an easy one!
  • oh I got it.

    Spaggeti and Meatballs?

    if I correctly got it write, I leave the floor to anyone B)

  • Yep badboy, you are surely correctamundo!!
    Anyone, the floor has graciously been left open for you! :D
  • Although my name is not "anyone" I will take the floor that has now been offered.

    Who A Cup Toofy Fax

    This one is one of my favorites. I can't look at it and not laugh. Good luck.

  • Wake up the the facts!?!?!?

    (heh heh heh, I'm gonna have dreams about this one now Red!! :blink: :D

    Attack of the Toofy Fax!!! )
  • You're right. The floor is yours.

  • The brain-dead Moooo has returned!!! :wacko:

    the sway sat hun
  • could it be

    this way satan


  • As that kid in "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" says.....
    "NOT BL00DY LIKELY!!" :lol: (best line in the whole movie!!)

    Heh heh heh, I'm not one to point the way for the Evil one, he'll have to find the darned place himself! :P
  • Perhaps it's this way not Satan you're guiding but Saddam?

    This way Saddam?
  • the way saddam or the way satten
  • This weighs a ton. B)
  • come on please tell us whos right personaly i think spiderklown is right
  • Well I'm pretty sure I got it correct (If not you may repremand me) so I'm going to go. :P

    ike help heap ill form on knee

    give her yer best shot. :)
  • Spiderklown, please wait for SUSAN to tell you if you are in fact correct.
  • I'm sorry it's just I don't have the internet at home only at work, I don't work on the weekend and I only have 30 minutes left. So I guess if I got it right I will forfit the floor. :(
  • Or you could just wait until monday to post your reply, unless you plan on killing yourself during the weekend. ;)

  • JEEEEEEZZZZZZZ Manne, how harsh can you be!?!?!?!? :o

    Spiderklown, it's ok, we understand the limitations that some of us have as far as time on the net is concerned, and the one that you posed IS THE ONE that we will all go on now, as you were indeed correct!! :D

    And now, I will guess yours:

    I kill people for money
    ...?? :D

    If so, I definitely want to stay on your good side! :lol:
  • I can be rather grim from time to time, but I had a word with spider and I think he'll understand.

    As for this mess, should be leave the floor open (as spider granted us) or should we wait for him to come back on monday and let him deside what to do then ? :blink:

  • I can fully understand his eagerness, seeing as he only gets to get online at work, and he doesn't work on weekends, so I say his 'Mad Gab' goes, and we wait 'till Monday for him to come in and tell me I'm right! ;) (remember, he kills people for money, don't p!ss him off!!) :lol:
  • yeah i think suzan got it cuz i got the same thing
  • oh i didnt mean to take ur place spuderklown

    sorry sorry sorry (exetra exetra exetra )
  • Sorry I didn't get back to you guys yesterday I was sick. You are right Susan. So go right ahead. Sorry Manneman I know you got it right first cause the Email you sent me was dated earlier than the post Susan made but hers is a post and as far as I'm concerned posts win.

  • Gosh Spiderklown, I'm sorry to hear that you were sick!! I hope you're feeling better today!?!! Just remember the wise advice from this OLD nurse: Lots of rest and clear liquids,...... like gin and vodka!! :lol:

    For Manneman, I'd just like to say:


    Now, here's mine!

    In fact, you ate Shawn

    Good Luck, all!

  • But of course!!! :D
  • if that means yes i thought of evackuation
  • Thanks for the floor Suze.

    Us Like Wren

    Good luck.
  • Might be my country accent, but I get 'A slight grin' O.o Pretty sure that's way off the mark though. ^_^
  • Originally posted by Kentucky_Fried_Hippie@Apr 16 2003, 01:33 PM
    [b]Might be my country accent, but I get 'A slight grin' O.o Pretty sure that's way off the mark though. ^_^ [/b]

    You're close. But just a tab bit off.
  • A /sly/ grin then. ^_^
  • Go ahead KFH.
  • Amends to Ukraine!

    (And believe me, this isn't something you'd usually say, so I don't expect it to be easy.)
  • zis is my guss amendren im not sure if it is a word thogh
  • This is really hard, is the start "I'm in..." ?

  • Hey Manne, no half guesses, that's cheating!!!!! :P
    KFH, don't answer that!!!!! ;)

    "I'm into you, Krane"!?!?
  • it is hard kfh answer will ya whos right out of us 2 suzan and me manne actuly cheated how sad but if none of us r right then its ''im in the krane''
  • Amen to you Crane.
  • As I said, not something you'd usually say...;)

    The correct answer: I'm in stew, you crane!

    *cackles* ^_^

    Anyway, someone else take the floor, I'm no good at coming up with these.
  • Originally posted by Kentucky_Fried_Hippie@Apr 20 2003, 12:52 AM
    [b]As I said, not something you'd usually say...;)

    The correct answer: I'm in stew, you crane!

    *cackles* ^_^

    Anyway, someone else take the floor, I'm no good at coming up with these.

    Nuttin' personal there Dear, but I have to agree with ya there! :P

    How comma hall yeek fail the fill
    Probably not too hard, but I thought I'd take the open floor, since it was so nicely given!
  • Originally posted by Susan B STAFF@Apr 20 2003, 10:52 AM
    [b] How comma hall yeek fail the fill [/b]

    How come you all felt ill? :drool:
    (A question commonly asked at the bordello no doubt!)
  • comma hall yeek --> come you all

    Don't see the connection there topper.

  • Jeeeeeezzzzz you people are weak!!!

    Here's a hint for ya:


    There, that should stop all the :doh:
  • Oh come all ye faithful?
  • how come yall faild :cry: :cry:
  • how come your faithful ???? :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:
  • hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo any one here
  • Originally posted by chargerfanchs@Apr 28 2003, 09:11 AM
    Oh come all ye faithful?

    We have a winner!!!!!!!!!!!! :clap:

    Chargerfanchs, please take the floor!!! :D

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