Need Cheats Or Tips For Dot Hack
  • do you haver any tips?
  • One tip, make sure that if you're going to data drain someone make sure that you beat them because it's not cool if you lose. Oh, and if you have any detailed questions about this game then please let us know and we'll do our best to hel pout. By this i mean if you're stuck in a certain place or can't get a certain item. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Well i've beaten the first phase of the game so pm me on any quesiton's you may have cause i've put in alot of hours on that game and i cant stop playing.
  • I have as beaten the game as well :( Now I have to wait for the second phase, but I would like to drop in the fact that it is easy to get more items if you leave a room of a dungeon that has a box or barrel after you break it and come back... they will reappear and you can get a lot of supplies that way! One other thing that might be helpful is that once your bracelet shines that means you got a book you can use in town ONLY! Make sure you use it and then it will track areas/time played/monsters fought and many other things, plus it helps you unlock items for future use!


    Well hope this was helpful!

  • I was hoping that someone might have taken the time to create a full listing of all the Weapons and Items that appear in .hack//infection. and perhaps also a listing of all the different keyword combinations and information about the pools and which ones will increase and decrease different types of items for each field.

    I know most people would consider that alot of work but hopefuly someone has taken the time to put something like that together

    I would at least like the items list with how to locate them as well as their stats
  • Sorry, but I have a question of my own.

    Does anyone know what the highest keyword level is, in .//hack/infection?

    I mean the keywords like boss levels. The highest I have seen on the game was level 31.

    I beat the game, and I want to level up some more for the next game. At level 34.
  • i would like to know what gruntys people have gotten and how they bred them

  • All I have gotten was the one that says . "Monie mi" all the time. I cant get anyone else though, I guess you just have to get what food they want.
  • i have that one and a "poison" one dont rember how though :(
  • you get different grunties by giving them the exact food they want. when they are little they give clues as to what they want. as they get bigger the clues get answered with specific foods. like if a small gruntie asks for something sweet and cold he wants a white cherry.
  • I have to find a copy of .hack in my town, I've watched the anime series, well 2 of them, .hack/sign and Luminality(fansubs). The games look pretty good from what I've seen of them so far. I keep hearing how good the first game is from my friend yet he refuses to loan it to me LOL.