• Im findinmg it rather hard to earn a big sum of credits, the highest Ive achieved is 25,000, but that's not including endurance races, is there an easy to earn heaps of credits
  • Don't waste your hard earned Cr's. The Tickford can be won later on in the game. By the time u earn 1,500,000 u won't need it! Sorry mate, I hate to disappoint u, but It's not that great of a car! It's not needed for any special events and U'll need much better race cars to win series events. Don't let that stop u though. There are many good reasons to play this game. Lots of fun cars. I will race the XR8 today in your honor. There are some earlier post related to this.

    Also, there are many post on how to earn cash. It really depends on what licenses you have and what cars you have.
    There is no real easy way. U have to work at it. My tip is to work on getting your IA license, then enter the endurance race Super Speedway with a fairly fast car. It's about the best way to make big bucks quickly. I'm sure the other members will have great ideas for u too! Good luck and have fun. :thumbsup:
  • I aggree that the super speedway enduro is an easy way to win credits and a good car. I did it in a lightly modified Camaro SS. (racing exhaust and sport tires) Then you will either win the XR8, the Corvette C5R, the Cilio Cup car, or one of the F1 cars (i can't remember which one)
  • I have it and I dont think it is all that great. It is pretty cool looking but it is not worth the credits if you are going to buy it. If you win it and like it great but if you dont it has a nice resale value, 375,000 credits is not to shabby. Oh yeah if you look into soom earlier threads about his car you will find a combo of stuff you can do to the car to make it a pretty good rally car.
  • Yeah, I did buy some dirt tires for it, raised it up and took it to a rally race, it was fun using a FR on a rally course. But it's not gonna get u gold.