The Perfect Game
  • As it say above, in your opinion what would the perfect game be like for you.
  • Well on MTV (if anyone watches that anymore) there was a show called True Life: Im a Gamer. And it showed FataLlty, best FPS in the world, and it showed the man who had the perfect game in pac man. Didnt die a single time.

    I dont know what that would be like, but all I know is that the guy makes Sauce now. ;) :lol:
  • Hey we have the same name! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Just Kidding, hey, Great minds think alike!

    See ya later :ph34r:
  • Originally posted by Dragon Knight@Mar 25 2003, 11:48 PM
    Hey we have the same name! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Just Kidding, hey, Great minds think alike!

    See ya later :ph34r:

    We do!!! What the (I can't say it) Doesn't the little server thingy here tell you if some else has the same name.(AHHH I'm confused...Well not really more just suprised then anything)
  • It does-but you added an underscore to your name while our other knight has just the space.That's enough to let the system know it is different-it just looks the same because of the link underline.Not a real biggie but if you would like a name change (to keep people from confusing the both of you) just let me know via PM.
  • Hehe nice observation there Lyndon! It took me about 2 mins before I could differ those two from another :lol:

    Anyway, the perfect game would be like GTA + Max Payne, well thats my own opinion :)
  • I think the best game would have to be a decent gundam rpg, i mean where you have to do missions to get your gundam and not just start off with it and what not. Where you decision's reflect on what type gundam you get what type mission's you get and the out come of it all.
  • I think the perfect game would be to follow the Hellsing storyline. If you've ever watched the anime then you know what i'm talking about. I think that a game could go alot deeper than did the series did itself. If you've ever played Gungrave then you could expect the gameplay to be similar......Basically, any game based on anime would be perfect for me. I guess that's why Gungrave, Shinobi, ZOE, Guilty Gear X2, and most RPGs are at the top of my list of favorite games. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • A never-ending game!!!! (well...maybe almost never-ending) some games are so cheap...u play them for a week and then ur done! how're u supposed to get enjoyment out of that? i would want a game that mixes in characters and stories/objectives from other games. For example, they could make a game that puts in some final fantasy characters (cant leave them out ;) ) and maybe sonic and yoshi and theyre goal is just why i dont make games or make up stories! But a nice long game with twists and turns...sounds good to me!
  • I do'nt agree there rollerangel288..But your idea is not bad a never ending story game will be boring when time comes. but a never ending game would be great if thre will be a sequel evry yeaar or every half of a year.......

    I rellly want a game that will let you roam freely of an environment w/o any preventions like a sims + driver+ harvest moon....... That would be great.... :rolleyes:
  • the best game would probably have perfect graphics good cool looken charecters and cool weapons with exelent bosses and and and and and just realy good magic spells and real-life like that would be the best game oh yeah it should have strapes to your arms and legs with your stomach so wene your playeng you can cast spells and a sword with cords conected to the tv so wen your wandering around you see somthing wham smack and then you can reply and say anything you want by typing it in pretty cool eh
  • Basically it's this:

    Trying to negotiate passage through a city infested with day-walking vampires/zombies/aliens/monsters/whatever. On the journey you will need to use an array of bizarre vehicles, you will be armed with a big-ass gun (plenty of ammo laying around, I hate having to count rounds), and each neighborhood/borough/section has a boss to defeat. Some riddle solving and side game stuff would go down smooth, too. The goal is to liberate the girls from Dr. Tongue's 3D House of Slave Chicks, and get them to the airport so they can make the Coppertone Classic in Hawaii. If you do this in time, you get another level of play....or something.
  • of course, the perfect game in my opinion is already out...and it is called Clock Tower. All of it, so beautiful, so dark...only a gothic vampiric demon like me would understand, i guess... ;) but still...the only thing that would make it even more 'perfect' is if it had a soundtrack with, say, Cradle of Filth and Marilyn Manson and Coal Chamber and Morbid Angel and Nightwish playing in it...anyway, Dragon Knight, its a good question...and hell, i still don't really get this site, but it is pretty kick ass...farewell for now, i guess...
  • i like giant robot games. the perfect one would have the sense of scale/size of Robot Alchemic Drive, the playability of War of the Monsters, with the destructable environments of both, in a setting the size of Vice City (or bigger), along with the customization of the Armored Core series, the strategic choices of Battle Engine Aquila, and the open-endedness of The Sims. cooperative AND competative multiplayer is a must, whether online or i.linked
  • The perfect game would be in my opinion..... :think: a game with rpg, platform, sport and racing combined into one game and takes about 1/2 a year 2 complete. :woot:. But one that you wouldn't get tired on :tired:.


    :punk: :punk:
  • Well, it think that the perfect game is coming out later this year, and its called...

    Enter The Matrix

    well, it better e good. Maybe if you could download more levels of the internet, and randomly generated multiplayer levels in 3D (like worms), then it would be even better.