• Are video games your life?

    Do people criticize you because of it?

    They are mine.

    My girlfriend thinks I'm crazy and my Co-workers think I need to lay off the videogames.
  • Videogames are not my entire life, and I can't say that I'm in any way devoted to video games.
    I'm just drawn to them like a moth to an open flame.

    My girlfriend has, after much arguing, understood that I really do enjoy playing videogames. I on the other hand has come to understand that it's a passion not suitable to indulge in when ever I got a spare minute.

    All my brothers and sisters are game crazy, my younger brother gave up a good job and started an education to become a game maker. (Looking forward to him getting a job in that branch amd sending me alot of free games :lol: )

    My father thinks that video games are for kids under the age of 12 and sees no meaning what so ever in playing video games.
    On the other hand he can stay up all night programming a CNC mill for some new product he's inveted, so I guess that's were my obsessive tendecny comes from.
  • eo games of coarse, but I have another life with my friends and family. I usually keep playing a game until I beat it but thats just me, I don't want to lose my count of 43-0-0 Which means 43 wins, 0 loses(didn't beat it) and 0 ties(Just makes it look better)

    Not my whole life though! And not many people make fun of me for it, my friends did a bit because I am so good when I play games and I rarely loose to them. I think that they are just jelous of my capibilities. :lol: And Manneman, there would be no point of rating video games "R" (18+) if they were 12 year olds! :)
  • Originally posted by tonygillis@Apr 18 2003, 04:29 PM
    I think that they are just jelous of my capibilities.

    But probably not your spelling, sorry... I had to do it. ;)

    Games are a big part of my life. I enjoy gaming... it's a hobby. Just the same as watching racing or collecting die cast cars. I get a sense of accomplishment out of it and that is all that I want... and a little bit of fun.

    I don't get criticized about playing. I play when I think it is appropriate and that is it. I play when I can... if I can't oh well I'll find something else to do.
  • Are video games your life? [/b]

    It's sad, but yes, probably.

    Do people criticize you because of it?[/b]

    Not really, but occasionally my friends like to point out that it's not a good thing.

    I should probably stop playing so much, but then i'd probably just end up watching tv :P
  • Originally posted by spiderklown@Apr 18 2003, 11:34 AM
    Are video games your life?

    Do people criticize you because of it?

    No. Gaming is more a piece of what I do in my spare time or when I'm angry...or sick...etc.

    People(namely girls) do criticize me for being a gamer...but they're usually the stupid "popular" ones who want to further their reputation at another's expense. Usually when they are making fun of me though, I'll think of a smart alec comment or question to throw right back at them and make them look stupid and subject them to public humiliation. :P
  • Gaming is far from my life.

    The only games that I play are board games and golf or any other game that would not require me to put a lot of thought in to it.

    Not saying that I'm stupid, I just can't be bothered to play a game that you have to walk around or drive and find stuff.

    Rex always plays strategy and I will watch and ask questions but as for me, I think I'm too impatient.
  • If you don't know that answer about me then you don't truly know me at all. Gaming is of course a very large part of my life but it's not essential nor does it run my life. My life is run on the pure thought that i must help all those that i am capable of helping. You can see the fruits of some of my works in the forums but a large part of me is in my everyday job and overall just helping people.

    I get asked all the time why i don't allow myself to live my own life, instead of helping others. I have one easy answer to this and that is that helping others is my life and to give that up would be to give up on life itself. I'm sure i could do a better job of taking care of myself in some cases(those that know understand) but i can't live a lie, which it seems most people want me to live. I guess that a part of the reason that i am the way i am is due to the many tragedies that i have lived through during my short time here on earth but it's those experiences which have shaped me into what we all know of now and i'd never change it.

    So, to get at the big question of it all, no gaming isn't my life. Gaming is an escape route in which one can put his/her emotions and keep them from remaining locked away inside. It feels good to be able to release emotions when and how you want to and gaming gives you that freedom. For those that feel gaming is the cause of many people's problems, they are sadly mistaken. Not doing anything, not having such an escapism is what causes the problems. Yes, some people do still have troubles eventhough they game. That's only due to the fact that they don't know how to release their emotions, probably because they were taught not to release them.

    Anyway, i'm getting beside the point now, you know my answer. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Well gaming is only 1/4 of my life when I'm not doing something you'll see me playing!![
  • Although I admittedly enjoy gaming, and the time that I can spend gaming, it is of very little consequence in my life.

    It might be on my top 5 favorite activities, but no higher, and any number of things can keep me from playing.

  • I suppose that I'm with the majority here, in that gaming is not my 'life', nor do I get criticized for my enjoyment of gaming, but it sure is an enjoyable passtime for me..... that is, when I'm not reading or cooking! :D

    Mad, all I can say is "I hear ya, man". Who you are, and what your life is, is what you've decided to make it, and if that means that your life is helping people, then you are living YOUR LIFE the way you want to!! Never mind those ninnies who get on your case about it, those of us with brains and hearts see that, and we love and appreciate you for YOU!! :wub:
  • Maybe gaming is not my life, maybe half or 1/4 of it or maybe lesser, I mainly concentrate on my studies. Well life in college is more
    difficult than in high school. In high school, i have all the time to play games and stuffs.

    They dont criticize me for that because i know my limitations. Having Discipline and Limitation in whatever you take will get you to a higher level.....
  • Gaming is a big part of my life as enjoying myself goes but it ain't all my life
  • Well gaming is 1/4 of my life I must play at least 2hours a day and have over 100 games :2cool:.

    Do people critazize you for it?

    Nope! they all think its really cool! Unbelivably!

    :punk: :punk: :punk:
  • I would say video games are a major part of my life but not completely I do other things like soccer and track etccc.
  • Gaming is my hobby but it does not consume my entire life, it is a nice diversion from the "real" world.

    From :doh: to :disco: just add a dose of that gamin' goodness
  • Well you can chalk me up, and add me to the 'masses'! Like most here, gaming is not my 'life'.
    It's just another facet I've added to it. And although on occasions, it may appear to some (namely those waiting in-line for the console <_< ) that it has indeed become an intractable disease, "mummy" suffers from everytime she gets a new title. My "convalescence" period is brief, and full 'recovery' usually occur's once the title is completed! :clap: <br />
    I enjoy gaming, make no mistake. It has also added another dimension to my relationship with my children. As we often (when the weather is inclement, & outdoor activities are a definite no go zone.) will pop on a game, and "play" for a couple of hours, together.
    As for suffering from any form of criticisim? Nope! Not a one, not unless you count 'nagging', because 'they' want the PS? :disco:
  • Video games used to be a major portion of my life. Have a wife and two children now so have much less time to play than in the old days.To me too much isn't necessarily a good thing but it's still my preferred form of electronic entertainment. I'd much rather have the kids get up early on Sat. morning an PS it rather than watch cartoons (and incessant toy commercials). My wife thinks we're a bit odd but knows we could be doing much worse things and only harps at us when we should be off doing other things (which we do quite often). As far what others think of it, it's been a long long time since I've really given a crap over what overly long nosed people think of what I'm doing.
  • Games aren't my entire life,but they are a major part of it. I do other things, fix computers(for fun), soccer, street hockey, reading(usually video game magazines), the usual stuff.
  • Gaming isn't my entire life. It's a part of my life, obviously, but its not my entire life. It's just something to do in my spare time.

    I have a lot more important stuff on my mind. Mainly school, but there are others.

    People don't criticise me for it, they criticise me for other things though. But not for gaming.

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