Favourite New Smiley?
  • Just got back today from a holiday in Paris and have come back to a few pleasant surprises with the AV7, return of the LiveCHAT! And loads of cool new smileys.

    Gotta say my particular favourites are... :fight: :P :stink: !! Although i love everyone of them!

    Great job Jim, we are not worthy! :notworthy: :disco:
  • I would have to say :fight: and :swear: are my favorites, but I like them all. And as Daniel said, "Great job Jim, we are not worthy!" :notworthy: :disco:
  • Ok, how long have we gone without the LIVEChat and there is absolutely no-one in there?

    Where is everybody? LET'S CHAT!!!

    As for the smilies I would have to say that these ones will be getting used a lot by me... :swear: :bash: :fight: :flex: I think that they represent me pretty well.
  • Sweet new smilies :rebel: :swear: :punk: and its cool that LiveChat is back :clap:
  • Originally posted by Rex77@Apr 22 2003, 01:33 PM
    Where is everybody? LET'S CHAT!!!

    I am definately not able to chat since the stupid chat won't load on the main page. :cry:
  • :punk: :doh: :stink: :swear: :woot: these are some nice new smilies
  • I've been absent for a mere, two days. And return to find lots of new and nifty features :clap:

    Just luv these new "Smiley's". :wub:
  • By /far/: :rules:

    Runner ups: :fight: :woot: :think:
  • I remember disco!! :disco:

    Plus I end up looking like :blink: and my wife ups my FIBER!!

  • I love the :woot: best expresion to show how excited I am about a new game coming out or anything that I am excited about. Also like the :doh:
  • MY best are definatly :punk: :swear: :stink: :doh: I use them quite alot apart from the :swear: . But I like all of them really. please feedme with some more smilys please.