• What kind of controller do u like?their are alot of them air conditionded turbo ect :shy:
  • The official controllers for anything is always the best in terms of reliability, function and purpose. A really fast turbo controller is pretty helpful in button-bashing as well, but not essential.

  • I really enjoy the cordless ones my brother has for the Gamecube. I really like how it is cortless.

    If to say what controller I am most comfortable with, meaning what game I could really give my all with my controller skills, it would probablly be the PS2, but then again I have very big hands :notworthy: :clap: and I can play most of all kind of controllers respectively well.
  • I would have to say that even the XBox controller S isn't too bad for official and size. I do admit that the Gamecube's wireless controller by Nintendo is AWESOME, but Sony doesn't have any plans for a first party wireless controller which is too bad for us Sony fans. I gotta say that I like the Dual Shock and the fact that someone out there liked it enough to make third party items that allow you to hook up your PS2 controller to a Gamecube or an XBox!!!

    n e ways til next time ya'll!


  • The sony PS2 controller is the best ever, fit perfect and buttons are perfectly placed out... :woot:
  • In my experience first party hardware seems to be the most durable . I've owned many different gaming systems and have had many disappointments with 3rd party equipment . Another interesting fact is that the longer a game system is available , the shorter the controller and power cables seem to get . At this point we're still a Playstation 1 family and I still have my original controller plus my Sony dual shock device which is of course my controller of choice . Both controllers are still working fine after years of service . I haven't had a chance to play X-Box so have not had a chance to try out their hardware . Nintendo gear seems to be designed for aliens . My PS stuff fits the hands really well and is still going great after considerable abuse . As far as cordless goes , you can only be so far away from the screen anyway so that kind of technology is merely a toy .