Things You Always Wanted To Know...
  • Reading through this month's copy of Focus magazine it occurred to me that there are so many questions I would like to know the answers to to but have never really asked anyone.
    Things like;
    Do goldfish sleep and if so, how can we tell?
    How exactly does an image get from the telly onto a piece of videotape?
    How do snakes mate and where do they keep their willies?

    I am sure that amongst us we could answer most questions put forward so let's give it a go!
    No need to wait for the correct answer to be posted before posting another.... although I would suggest that no more than 10 questions are kept on the go at any one time for practicality.
    Members are free to ask &/or answer as many questions as they like.
    Questions can be serious or silly (as in "Why do children insist on waving something they want you to look at 2" from your nose?") - whatever!

    So there are my questions to start off with - can anyone answer them?
    :D :P :D
  • > Do goldfish sleep and if so, how can we tell?

    Well, the answer to this is simple.
    They are no longer able to sleep.
    Why so?
    Well, you that mean old captain birds eye?
    Wel, he's reall an evil Dr.
    He fills the fishies full of drugs, then cuts off thier hands n feet.
    The fingers are made in to "fish fingers" and the toes are made in to what we think are "scampy"
    The rest of it is chucked away.

    > How exactly does an image get from the telly onto a piece of videotape?

    Well, thats all due to the little people you see on the tv.
    They are strange beings.
    They are able to clone themselves.
    However, over time, as they clone n glue on to the tape, the glue degrades the quality of the tape.
    Thats why its all crackly n fuzzy.

    > How do snakes mate and where do they keep their willies?

    Now, this is a bit blue..
    But,grannies liek to knit.
    They knit snake sleeping bags.
    If snakes dont have a sleeping bag (commonly known as a willy warmer) they cant mate.
    Sad but true.
    Support the grannies, buy then wool n needles.

  • Do Goldfish sleep?

    Yes they do permanently if you boil the water they are in.

    How exactly does an image get from the telly onto a piece of videotape?

  • Women share bladders the same way men share braincells?
  • Well, since i wasn't invited to Blaq and Gids crack-party I think I'l have a serious go at the questions. :P
    Great thread BTW, I always have a question of this sort in my back pocket.

    Most animals have some daily pattern of rest and activity, and in many species these daily cycles are similar to people running around during the day then lying down at night and doing nothing or sleeping. It is believed that fish are no different, although it is a controversial subject. Some fish keep very still, experiencing a quiet period (quiescence) that you might call sleep. Scuba divers often handle reef fish in the middle of the night without startling them and can even lift some species out of the water before they awaken. Tropical freshwater fish in home aquaria appear to be resting immediately after turning the lights on in a room that has been darkened for several hours. Unfortunately, fish have no eyelids so it is difficult to tell whether they are asleep or not.

    Taken from here

    An analog picture is divided into thousands of picture elements (pixels)

    Each pixel is given a digital code to identify the color and placement

    A typical picture would be divided into at least 300,000 pixels.
    Each pixel is then given a digital code which identifies its placement on the grid, its color and light intensity. For example, the digital code 1110011 might identify that particular pixel as four squares from the left hand edge, three squares up from the bottom, red in color and of medium brightness.
    One picture is represented by a huge string of ones and zeros. To give you an idea of the size of this string, consider this: it typically requires a series of at least eight digits (ones and zeros) to represent one pixel. A picture with 300,000 pixels would then require 2,400,000 digital bits, or 2.4 megabits to represent it.

    This is a lot of data, especially when you consider that television pictures are transmitted at a rate of 60 individual pictures or "frames" per second, this would require 140,000,000 digital bits for one second of video.

    The data is then stored on the magnetic tape of the video cassette.

    I once asked my biology teacher the same question about birds. I found it wery wierd that birds (as well as snakes) has a penis.
    Just try to picture it fully erected. :lol:

    They both however have this organ and they keep it inside their bodies until they are ready to use it.

    As to Gid's question,
    I don't have a clue, but I intend to find out by sneaking into the ladys restroom first thing tomorrow. ;)
  • Well i can't know everything now can I so here's a question.

    Can you trust the expiration dates on eggs?
    I mean they can't be laid all on one day can they?

    I would also like to know how accurat history is.
    Research on historic events must involve a whole lot of assumtions.
  • Ok i agree with Gid on all the questions possed by Lola. Blaqasphalt answered Gid as well as i know the answer.
    And now for my question, How many teaspoons are there in a cubic light year?

  • My son asked me an interesting question last night:

    What is the strongest acid in the world?
    He said it's water, 'cause if you leave anything in it long enough the water will cause molecular breakdown.

    Is this true!?!?

    Also, since every liquid has a water base, couldn't you say the same thing for ANY liquid!?!? Like, a glass of milk for example..... ??

    Why is <> a "diamond" shape, when real diamonds are not shaped like that!? :blink:
  • Originally posted by Susan B STAFF@Feb 22 2003, 02:57 PM
    What is the strongest acid in the world?
    He said it's water, 'cause if you leave anything in it long enough the water will cause molecular breakdown.

    Hydrochloric acid (HCl) is one acid that dissociates completely in water and is considered one of the strongest acids. Hydrofluoric acid (HF) is often considered stronger because its fumes are toxic and it has the ability to dissolve glass (HF is stored in plastic bottles, whereas HCl is stored in glass), but technically it is a weak acid because it does not
    dissociate as completely as HCl.
  • May I add that every liquid doesn't have a water base. Take quicksilver for example.

    Theve: One lightyear is 9,461x10^15 m wich makes a cubic lightyear (9,461x10^15)^3 m^3.
    1 m^3 = 1000 dm^3 =1000 liters.
    1 teaspoon is approximatly 5 ml or 0,005 liter.

    In 1 liter there is 200 teaspoons, in 1000 liters there is 200 000 teaspoons, in 1 cubic lightyear there is ((9,461x10^15)^3)x200 000 = 1,693718x10^53 teaspoons. :blink:
  • Water, strongest acid? no, not an acid at all

    Strongest solvent? Most probably, 'cause it will dissolve almost
    anything not derived from oil. But then you have the atmosprere, that
    will eat away at anything, given time.

    Theve1tch, I think you know the answer to your question, it's quite a
    commonly calculated problem and I think you just want to know if anyone
    else has done their math.

    Back to acids, I reckon the strongest is sandfly urine. You look at the size
    of a sand fly, now think of a sandfly piss & what size that would be. Now
    think of the damage it does to flesh. It's like a bloody daisy cutter, and
    sometimes even like a nuke. :D

    Damn you Manne, you have to jump in & reply while I give half arsed responses while chattin' on MSN
  • You know what the ladies say, "you sure are quick, but at least you are clever and inventive" :lol:

    And water IS too an acid as gives off H+ ions wich is the trademark of an acid ;)

  • I knew I would learn a whole bunch if I posted that one in here!!!!! :D

    (oh, and manne,I can tell you, as a woman, I have never said any man is a cleaver !!!!! :lol: (spelling Dear, SPELLING!!!!!) :P

    OHHHHH...... someone fixed it!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I always thought water had a pH of 7.
  • Pure water has a pH of 7..... and it is not an acid either... it's neutral. Hmmmm...... <_< <br />pH above 7 is 'base' and below 7 is 'acid'.

    Here, I had a bit of help on this one:

    As you might know, water is not considered to be an acid or a base. It is neutral. This can be seen if we look at the chemical formula of water when compared with acids/bases.

    Acids such as HCl, HNO3, and H2SO4 have a positively charged hydrogen atoms combined with a negatively charged ions:

    H+ + Cl- = HCl

    Bases such as NaOH and KOH usually have a positively charged ions combined with negatively charged hydroxide ions:

    Na+ + (OH)- = NaOH

    Water or H20 can also be described by the chemical formula HOH. Water can be viewed as a positively charged ion (hydrogen) combined with a negatively charged polyatomic ion (hydroxide).

    H+ + (OH)- = HOH = water!

    As you can see, water has the chemical formula of an acid and a base. Instead of acting as both, water displays the characteristics of a neutral substance, as acid and base cancel each other out.

    (I know Manne will be able to appreciate all that hard work I went through for this!! :lol: )
  • Ha ha Manne, I was right. Nya nya nanya nya. :P gnyah

    (Okay, so I don't no how to spell sound effects but my heart was in it...I swear)
  • Oh, shut up Knowze :lol:
    I wasn't really thinking on that one.
    Of course water is neutral in its pure form but in nature it is concidered a weak acid.
    So let's just leave it at that, and say EVERY BODY was right, mmmkay.

    Here's one I been wondering about.

    How do you fry a hamburger or minced meat round flat thing? (we call it beef in Sweden for some stupid reson).
    I always seems to either get it raw on the inside or burned on the outside.
    And NO I don't make them thicker than 1 cm.

  • Your frying it too long and too hot. If ever in doubt go for the lower heat setting and fry it longer. Personally I prefer my hamburger grilled but if your afraid of fire then by all means fry it. :P

    Have your burner on a medium-low setting and turn the hamburger patty when the underside is nicely browned. Turn it again when the other side is the same. Keep doing this until your hamburger is just the way you want it. If in doubt then cut the middle open and take a peek at it just to be sure.

  • Then there's always the "put a lid on it" method Manne, which helps to keep the heat all in the frying pan area, and sort of 'forces' the heat inside the meat, to cook it in there too.

    Rex of course is right about turning it, and not cooking it on too high a heat. Some people are not patient enough to wait, they want it NOW, but that is not always best, as your burgers can attest to!

    Alrighty then, on with my question:

    Where the heck is the second sock in all those used-to-be pairs after I dry them in the dryer!?!?!? :blink: :(
  • Due to the intense heat inside the dryer they melt and get caught in the lint trap. Maybe you could take the lint, make some yarn and knit yourself a new sock! ;)
  • Okey dokey Rex, maybe you could teach me how to knit, woman!?!?! :P :lol: (get that pink bra off, you're embarassing me!!) :P
  • Being all manly and all I don't know how to knit. I can show you how to build a log cabin, build a deck, shoot a gun... etc. My hands are far too manly to be doing something like knitting.

    As for the bra... I ahh.. ummm... oh, shut up. :P ;)

    I have a question...

    Exactly how many websites are out there?
  • FOUR. What kind of answer is FOUR. I mean come on if you're talking about individual websites there's Billions of them out there and they're devoted to every subject you could possibly think of. So again I ask what kind of b!!0dy answer is FOUR.
  • I agree with Forger:

    FOUR. What kind of answer is FOUR.[/b]

    Everybody knows there
  • Five?!? What the hell are you talking about Gid?

    Ah, hold on, I see where you're coming from now. But Gid, MSN isn't a real website, they're just pretending.
  • There are sixty two million, nine hundred eighty seven thousand and FOUR. :lol: (as of last count) :P
  • Originally posted by Forger@Feb 24 2003, 05:54 AM
    I mean come on if you're talking about individual websites there's Billions of them out there and they're devoted to every subject you could possibly think of.

    I can think of one subject that has not yet made it to the internet... porn!!! I have tried and tried and tried and still nothing! I thought for sure that there would be at least one sight out there where I could see a little skin. ;) Oh well. :rolleyes:
  • hamburgers...good...mmm...i like them halfway between well-done and charcoal. Start off on max heat until one side's black, flip it, lower the heat, wait 5 minutes...mmm.

    speaking of Teflon...
    1) Teflon is a non-stick substance, right? So how do they stick it to the pan?

    2) Does everything that has an inside also have an outside, and if so, what do you personally think is outside the universe? (other than all those missing socks, i mean)
  • You HONESTLY believe that there's no porn on the Internet. Well let me tell you something there's tons of the stuff. All you need to do is go into google and type in porn and it'll bring up well over 50 pages all revolving around that subject. Only problem (for me anyway since I don't have a credit/debit card) is that you have to have this security thing to confirm you're over 18 (or 21 in some places) and you have to have a credit card to get it since you have to pay. However if you want free stuff I suggest you choose Hentai rather than porn. Or alternatlively type in Free Porn (not very many pages worth but much more cost-effective). Oh and Juggleknot the bottom of the pan is made of Teflon. I think.
  • Oh and Juggleknot the bottom of the pan is made of Teflon. I think.[/b]

    Nah, i thought of that too. So i turned the pan upside down and tried to cook an egg. Key Word: tried

    Been looking for an answer but my brain's having trouble getting past the non-stick part. Er, how does teflon stick to itself? Maybe it's one single molecular strand of teflon. And they tie one end of the strand to a little teeny hook on the pan, and...uhh...

    Another thing i think of a lot, does zero divided by zero equal 1? i know, "NO you shifter brain", but why not? They made up these 'imaginary numbers' so they could find the square roots of negative numbers, so why doesn't someone make up numbers that can be divided by zero, 'preposterous numbers', or something.
  • Thank you Forger for that interesting report on your love life. :lol:

    Here it is. Teflon sticks only to teflon, you got that right. So how to get the teflon into the pan.
    You just make a fine spray of teflon particles and spray the surface wich is bound to have some crack or two in it.
    The snall grains of teflon fills up the cracks like the root of a tree fills up the hole it's stuck in and then you're able to coat the whole pan by sticking more teflon to those grains.

    Zero divided by zero equals any number between negative infinity and infinity.
    One would rather think that 0/0 =0 since nothing divided by anything should sum up to nothing. But that explanation doesn't give such good algebraic properties.
    I don't know why somebody hasn't come up with a new way of calculating this, (people seldom seems to know why a certain thing hasn't been invented yet ;))

    I guess I could go into an algebraic definition of the k/0 (k->0) problem but the only one who would be interested would be the ones who already knew what I was talking about.

    Just remember that zero is a more marvelous number then most expect.

    Hope that helped.
  • Ah now heres my Q..

    is 0 (zero) really a number?
    Or is it what the lack of number is called?
  • It is a number. A number is not always something you can count.
    But if you were to count the number zero then it would be the amount of none (positive or negative, doesn't really matter).
    If you think about it as it wasn't a number since it's the lack of number, then what would -5 be. An antinumber?
  • Originally posted by Steve F STAFF@Feb 18 2003, 09:27 AM
    OK - Here's a tricky question:

    Why is it that women on an evening out cannot go to the toilet on their own, they always have to take a friend with them?


    Being a girl myself I can say it is for security. There are terrible stories all over the place with girls getting messed up in bathrooms.
  • Originally posted by Forger
    You HONESTLY believe that there's no porn on the Internet.

    I still can't find any... I don't think it is really out there. Why are you teasing me? :rolleyes:
  • I agree with manneman of course zero is a number. Heck if you look at it as a mathematician it's the most important number in the frickin Universe since without it all of our mathematics would be meaningless and we'd have to start a few million years of mathematical stuff all over again and that would be a bad thing. Oh and why do you ladies like to talk so much as I have yet to meet a woman who couldnt talk for Scotland. Then again maybe it's a Scottish thing. Is it something in your genetic makeup or just something in you makeup?
  • What does TEKKEN mean?
  • Do you mean the word Tekken from the games
  • Originally posted by Forger@Feb 27 2003, 08:01 AM
    Oh and why do you ladies like to talk so much as I have yet to meet a woman who couldnt talk for Scotland. Then again maybe it's a Scottish thing. Is it something in your genetic makeup or just something in you makeup?

    I have nothing to say about this,....... part Scottish from my Mothers side! <_< <br />
    (Manne, I have no idea what "TEKKEN" means!!)
  • Q:Why the poppycook does a star wars game have a finnish name (Masters of the ter
  • My one and ahalf year old has cut her finger,
    how do you get a plaster to stick to her finger? She keeps peeling them off.
  • The Star Wars game has a Finnish sounding name since Teras Kasi will be the name of a planet in the Star Wars Universe and probably a lot of fighting will happen there so that you (the Rebellion) become the master of the planet. As for getting a one and a half year old to get a plaster to stay on I thought you would already know THAT answer, it's darned near impossible :D . I learned THAT from having 2 younger sisters (and I tell you that is one major pain in the rear end since they never stop fighting and somehow they always manage to get me involved if I'm even in the room next to where they are. Sheesh ;) .)
  • How come everything tasted bad(different)when you are sick
  • Originally posted by Forger@Mar 14 2003, 10:00 AM
    The Star Wars game has a Finnish sounding name since Teras Kasi will be the name of a planet in the Star Wars Universe and probably a lot of fighting will happen there so that you (the Rebellion) become the master of the planet.

    Thats the problem.It doesnt sound like finnish, it is finnish.Its a perfect translation for steel hand.

    WHY, OH WHY.
  • [b]Gabe: The sequal to Rauta K
  • [quote]Originally posted by manneman@Mar 14 2003, 06:53 PM
    [b] I'd like to hear how the non finnish speaking population pronunces Ter
  • Originally posted by Rex77@Feb 23 2003, 11:40 PM
    [b]Exactly how many websites are out there? [/b]

    Never mind guys, I found my own answer. According to information that I found there are 320,000,000 websites with 15 added to this number every minute.

    This number will not be entirely accurate since I don't know how old this information is.

    So my next question is this since I have already done the hard work of finding the number of websites out there.

    Who has a list of all the websites out there that they can give me? Preferably in alphabetical order, thanks. :P ;)
  • Im not sure that this is entirely right, but being Chinese, Tekken in Chinese means Kick and Fist.

    Tek is Kick and
    Ken is Fist, which is pretty appropriate.

  • I've got one for you guys that's provided me with many hours of mental masturbation.

    We all know that there are three states of matter, liquid solid and gas, alright four with plasma. What would visible electricity and fire be?

    I know that it is excited electrons, and they give off light when they change orbital rings. That doesn't explain what form of matter they are.

    Any ideas? :blink:
  • Crash: That sounds about right.
    The reason I wondered was that I saw a commercial about a gambling company in wich an asian dude watched a screen, got exided, did some karate flip and screamed TEKKEN !
    I might have missheard what he said though.
    Atleast I now know what Ken and Tek means, thanks.

    jdm: Fire would definatly be gas since it is just heated gas.
    Electrons is part of what matter is made of so I guess that it itself doesn't really has a state of matter.
  • i think of fire as the bright bit that wiggles a lot on top of hot things. It's minute particles of matter that are heated to incandescence and cool off quickly as they go up, turning into smoke. It's probably part solid and part gas, maybe even part liquid, not really sure. i guess anything will glow if you get it hot enough.

    Electricity is a form of energy, which is sortakinda a form of matter since e=m(cc).
  • Isn't fire just a process of turning a solid into a gas? Solid being your tinder, the gas being the smoke?
  • Ok, let's get this fire thing straight already:

    A fire is a collection of flames where each flame is a stream of gas containing such a high heat content that it radiates light.

    More simply stated: Fire is gas that is so hot that it radiates light.

    The gas could be homogeneous or heterogeneous in composition. In other words it could be composed of a single type of molecule or a combination of two or more different types of molecules (i.e. oxygen and methane).

    And good point ther juggle.
    Unfortunatly E =mc^2 isn't aplyable since and electron is to heavy to be able to travel at the squared speed of light.
  • Actually you're not quite right there Manne as according to my science teacher (now he might actually be wrong but he has over 40 years of scientific study behind him) an electron travels at just below the speed of light because it's mass is so tiny. Oh and E=mc^2 doesn't mean that for a particle to have energy it must be travelling at the speed of light squared it's a ratio of energy to matter meaning that the exact ratio is that a particle has the energy equivalent to it's mass multiplied by the square of the speed of light which means that if you took one gram of hydrogen and converted ALL of that hydrogen to energy you would get 9*10^16 joules or 9*10^13 kilojoules which is probably enough energy to power a fair sized city for a few seconds. Now you should understand the theory behind Nuclear bombs and Nuclear reactors, the only difference between the two is that the reaction in a Nuclear reactor is carefully controlled. Oh and if you would like a little more detail on how they work just ask and I'll post it up. Okay, got it. Well see ya around folks and have a good time.
  • Ok, Rex, I'll give you all the ones I know, , I'm afraid thats all the web sites I know! I know how long it would take and you would have to add another 15 to that every minute! :D I don't think you can type that much!
  • :blink: I don't know just WHAT I was thinking.
    Of course you're right Forger.
    :lol: I would like to see anything travel at the speed of light squared (not that I would be able to since... well you know) :lol:

    I do know about fusion and fission (but I don't think your explanation on how it works explained that much ;) )

    Thank's for correcting my error, it will probably happen again so stay tuned.
  • Well since you seemed so confused I'll try to make it so simple that even you could understand it :P . Well here we go. For fission you take a block of Uranium and you make holes in it for graphite (yes that's the same stuff that you get in pencils) rods to fit. Now Uranium has a tendency to explode and no I'm not talking about on the level of actual see it with the naked eye kind of explosion I'm talking about the individual molecules. Now if you think about a molecule as being made up of ball bearings it'll help since when the molecule explodes it splits into 2 or 3 smaller molecules and spits out 1, 2 or even 3 ball bearings (called neutrons) and if these ball bearings hit another molecule it causes that molecule to explode which sends out even more neutrons right. Now if you have a big enough block of solid Uranium the reaction keeps going and in under a second (the time between the explosions is pretty much unmeasurable. It's that small) you have a nuclear explosion. Now in a Nuclear reactor the keep this reaction controlled through the graphite rods. Now those rods are there to soak up excess neutrons so that the reaction keeps going at the same speed instead of speeding up all the time so that the entire reactor doesn't just explode (sorta like Chernobyl in Russia). That's basically a rundown on fission. Fusion's even simpler it's just Hydrogen molecules coming together under intense heat and pressure to form Helium. Oh and the reason I kinda know a lot about science is that I've always been fascinated by it and I took all three sciences to Higher level (Oh sorry I'm forgetting some of you might not know what that means. In Scotland we only really go to 2 schools, Primary and Secondary. We start primary when we're 5 and stay there for 7 years and then we go into Secondary. For the first 2 years we get all the types of classes you can get, but not the individual sciences just a general class called Science. Then in our 2nd year of the Academy we choose what subject's we'll take in our 3rd and 4th years. WE get to choos 6 subjects but English and Maths are compulsory ;) and then in our 4th year we get to choose our 5th year Highers which are actually divided up into 3 levels, Intermediate 1, Int 2 and Higher. We still have to take English but Maths isn't compulsory. In that year I took 5 Highers, English Maths and the 3 sciences. About halfway through 5th year we choose what subjects we want to do in 6th year and if yuou did Highers in 5th year you get to take a maximum of 3 Advanced Highers but you're advised not to take any more than 2 so I took Maths and Chemisdtry as my 2 Advanced Highers as well as Computing at Intermediate 2 and a PE class which I had to drop once my results came in since I had failed English and was 'Advised' to retake English. Well ther you go. That's the Scottish schooling system in a nutshell. Or at leasst thats what it was when I went through it since I hear they're dropping the Standard grade's (the 3rd and 4th year classes) and putting people straight into Int1 and Int 2 in 3rd and 4th year. I even hear they're adding a new level called Access 3 below Int 1 for the mentally handicapped and people who don't do so well in 1st and 2nd year.) and Chemistry to Advanced Higher also. Well whadda ya know I've practically given you my lifes story. Hmm maybe I should put it up somewhere. Nah who'd read it, too boring :D .
  • :blink: Well, you got that last line right at least.
    You could have just dropped me a PM you know.
  • a big block of uranium, with graphite rods stuck in it to keep it under control...but how do they get electricity from it? Do they just use the uranium to heat water for steam, then route the steam through turbines, or is there more?

    and about all that irradiated graphite...does that stuff stay radioactive? What exactly is nuclear waste, by the way? Uranium has a half-life of thousands of years, doesn't it? How can they have to throw it away already? Why don't they just put the waste in a rocket and shoot it at the sun, or just put the waste where they got the uranium from?
  • Allright, let's see if I can shed some light over this.

    The electricity from nucler power comes from, as you say, turbines.
    The reactions in the core heats water wich in turn runs the turbine thus creating electricity.

    Nuclear waste is mainly the used uranium wich consist of mostly uraniumoxide and different sideproducts from the fission.
    There are other kinds of wastes, like the cooling water and such, but I need not go into that.

    The halflife for Uranium is 4,5 BILLION years.

    Why throw it away so soon then?
    Well, the heating effect/ton fuel is as follows

    10 000 W after 1 year
    1 000 W after 10 years
    100 W after 600 years

    So you see there is not much use for "old" uranium since you'd get the same heating effect by simply connecting a cable to the nearest gym.

    Scientist (but mostly politicians) have discussed the "send it to the sun in a rocket" approach and came to the conclusion that since every third rocket or so seems to crash within a few miles off the earths surface and the public being so upset by nucler rains and such, it isn't a very good idea.
    You could of course put really small amounts of the waste in really big led containers that won't breatch on inpact but that would cost a fortune (if not two even)

    It's rather funny that I were to discuss this exact thing just earlier today and mentioned that you could spread the waste, little by little, all over the world.
    But you can't put it back were it came from since it isn't really the same stuff.
    The natural uranium is processed in some way to get it purer and get more of U-235 (wich is the wanted isotope).
    I don't know if the process is reversable but then would any one agree to have some nuclear waste spread around their home town, no matter how small the amount?

    Hope that helped, and as always, if anyone would have any objections to what is written above just make a corectional post ;)

    Oh, and jdm, I asked a friend of mine about the matter of visual electricity and he said that it is considered to be plastic due to the amount energy it has
  • Ok, I know this might be a kid of silly question wich have no real answer but if there is some study made I'd like to know: Why do people (men mostly) feel such an urge to stick their hand halfway down their pants? (not half way down the pants as much as half the hand, you know with the thumb holding the edge)

    I would also like to know how you go on about sharpening a pair of scissors. Do you need a certain kind of whetstone tool or what. (I can't take the scissors apart in case you wondered)
  • All you need to sharpen a pair of scissors is a sharpening stone. With scissors all you need to do is sharpen the outside edge at a 45 degree angle. Do not sharpen the inside.

    I have also heard that cutting a few peices of sandpaper will give you a nice sharp pair of scissors. Use a fine grit.

    As for the hand in the pants thing, I'm not sure. I don't do it. Maybe it is just to make sure that everything is still there. :huh:

  • I don't know why the hand in the pants thing goes on either, but I will admit to doing it myself (sometimes) when I'm watching some sporting event. Must be the testosterone coming out in me!! :lol: It's just a compfy resting spot!

    Why is it, physically and physiologically, that some people have better memories than others!?!? I have a theory that it might have to do with the 'pliancy' of one's brain tissue..... ya know, memory is stored by 'cutting' a groove into the actual brain tissue.... so, perhaps those with lousy memories simply have tough brains while those with better memories have softer brain tissue!?!?!? Mine must be made of granite!! :blink:
  • Why does the back of a bag of nuts say "Warning: Contains nuts"?

    Now really folks, how stinking obvious can you get? It only says Honey Roasted nuts on the friggin cover.

    Another thing, why do curling irons say "Caution, don't use in bed"?

    Right, like I'm gonna a curling iron when I'm trying to go sleep. That's exactly where I have the urge to curl my hair.
  • I guess there really is no problem with having your hand tucked into your pants. The only problem my wife has is when I try to do it to her when we have company over. :D

    As for the memory thing I think it really comes down to what someone wants to remember.

    The nut thing is for people with severe peanut allergies. Even if it contains trace amounts of peanuts it has to have a warning. If it is a bag of peanuts then I think that is just overkill.

    But with the amount of stupid people in the world warnings are getting to be commonplace.
  • Well, at least I know my brain is very strong. No wonder why whenever I hit my head on something it doesnt hurt.
    The amount of stupid people in this world are amazing, no joke. But seriously, on a packet of peanuts, contain nuts, well duh!!! Have you seen many others, cause theres lots of them. Such as snickers bars (ok, maybe not as obvious, but still).

    I would like to know, why is it that whenever you do an important assignment the computer freezes, or you spill something on the piece of paper? There has to be a reason, i mean, there has to be.

    EDIT: Nuts, peanuts, you know what I mean.
  • Yes people are stupid, I mean, peanuts aren't even nuts.
  • Hey Manne the reason they don't keep old Uranium is (1) because there is no such compund as Uranium Oxide formed in the fissio9n process as (2) during fission the Uranium atoms are destroyed (broken up) to make two or three smaller molecules which are of no use whatsoever since they are not fissionable material. Reason for that being that these smaller molecules just spit out radiation and change but Uranium is different. It doesn't do anything so wimpy like that. It literally blows itself up into 2 or 3 smaller parts which releases a lot more energy than any other type of reaction. And since there are BILLIONS of atoms in a single GRAM of Uranium 235 the energy released from all those decays is in the Megajoule range but since there are several kilos of fissionable Uranium in the reactor the energy released is enortmous although in a Nuclear reactor that energy is released slowly rather than all at once which is what happens in a Nuke. Ye got it now manne.
  • Forger: Uranium oxide is not a product of fission, it is the enriched uranium that you use as fuel. Much of it is still left when you stop using the uranium rods.
    There, now you can act bright if you ever took a class in nuclear physics.

    I was wondering today about these creams that some people use to remove hair.
    I guess they some how dissolve what the hair is made up by!?!
    If that is so, would a nail dissapear if you let the cream work on it for long enough? :huh:
  • just a little bit on info i thought that ud wanna know or not and the info is that right handed ppl live on average 9 yrs longer than left handers
  • it is all intresting i work for a teacher i know thes things
  • SUS, I looked into your memory question and came up with this.

    There's two sorts of memory
    * episodic memory
    (personally experienced events or episodes)
    *semantic memory (general world knowledge, our memory for facts, language, concepts, and ideas)

    That was just a little side something I found, the really interesting is this.

    Studies show that the trans fatty acids we eat do get incorporated into brain cell membranes, including the myelin sheath that insulates neurons. They replace the natural DHA in the membrane, which affects the electrical activity of the neuron. Trans fatty acid molecules disrupt communication, setting the stage for cellular degeneration and diminished mental performance. [Lipids, 1994;29/4:251-58][/b]

    Trans fatty acids are those that has been altered with by high temperatures (read deep fryer).
    If you eat much mostly deep fryed food (chips/fries and such) you will apparently get dumber.
    Plus the cellsmembranes will get stiffer due to the fat molecules modifications, that's were you get your "hard brain tissue" from I suppose. The braincells shoots out new "arms" to grab on to other braincells when they want to program a new memory as far as I know.

    Now, go throw out that deep fryer you bought a couple of months ago. :D
  • All this scientific stuff is hurting my brain. How about something simple. Here's a nifty way to illustrate the basic 9 times table. You hold your hands out in front of you palms out and fingers extended. to show 1 times 9 is nine, close your left pinky. This will leave the other nine fingers up. To show 2 times 9 is 18, raise the pinky and close the next finger over, giving you 1 up on the left of the closed finger and 8 on the right ( 18 ).Then have the two left fingers up, third closed and 7 fingers up on the right to make 27 and so on up to 90 ( left nine up, right pinky down ). At the very least it's one heck of a workout for your fingies!

    Also, something even worse than the hand in the pants - the dreaded plumber's crack. There's a lovely image for you.
  • James, all though quite interesting I don't think you fully understand the meaning of this thread. You wonder something and people try to answer you wonder. That's why many scientific answers get posted.

    Here's one that's not so sci-fi though.

    We all know what a ninja is, some sort of asian hitman. I was wondering, that since ninja (or nina with a wave over it) is the word for little girl in spannish, are ninjas called ninjas in spain or are they called something else?

  • A 'ninja' is still a ninja anywhere it goes. See, in Latin/South American language, there are words that are either 'masculine' or 'feminine', the masculine being the ones with an 'o' on the end, the feminine being the ones with an 'a' on the end. (there are always breakers of the rules, mind you!)
    But, since 'ninja' isn't a Latin/South American word, it doesn't follow those rules, no matter where it goes, the ninja is still a ninja, whether it be a girl one or a guy one.

    Here's one:

    What the heck is that creepy-crawly scummy slimy stuff that collects on chicken breasts when you poach them!?!?
    That stuff is sooooooo gross!! Poached a few last evening, and when I pulled them out I had to rinse them under hot water to clean that slimy stuff off. UGH!! How do I avoid that in the future!? :shy:
  • I believe that that scummy stuff is actually only known as scum Speedie and if you want to avoid (seeing) it, roast the chook.

    Or you could whack the dead bird into a stock pot with a load of vegies and boil the sh-, er, scum out of it. Then scrape the scum off the top of the beautiful stock and strain it into a do-hickey (the stock that is, not the scum) while you strip the fowl flesh from its bones for later use, perhaps with the stock or maybe just sandwiches. Once you have the stock, You have the perfect base of any sauce, the perfect finishing touch to any re-heat and anyting in between, except for the stupid mistakes that people who lack tastebuds & a sense of smell make, of course.
  • Or how about that stuff you get out of eggs? You know how when you mix up or whip some eggs there's always some stuff left over that doesn't want to come off of the mixer.Robin Williams has an expression for it but it's rather crude so I'll leave it out of this one.So what is that stuff ?
  • Well James, I would say that the goo left over would be the remainder of the yoke. I don't know...that's my guess...but here's a question.

    Why are there two words that mean the same thing?

    Namely, "extinction" and "genocide". Both mean the complete killing off of an entire race. So why create another word for that definition except to distinguish the meaning between an animal and a human being.

    This was brought up by one of my friends and it intrigued me.
  • Extinction normally means by natural means, like the dinosurs are extinct, as i huge rock hit the earth and they died out due to lack of livable earth.
    Genocide noramlly means the planned killing of a race. The Nazi's (Nationalist socialist party) tried this, when the tried to kill all the Jews in mainland Europe.
    Also Genocide is normally just one group:The Jews while extinion is an intior race, the dinosurs (not including Nessy :D)
    Genocide basically means one race killing, same as suicide self killing, and regicide monach killing.

    That help you out Red?

  • I dunno if you guys have ever heard of this, but there are some plants that start from either pits or bulbs... (ok, that much I'm sure you do know!).. but, sometimes you can take that pit or bulb and stick toothpicks in the sides, place it in a cup of water so that the toothpicks hold the thing in place half in the water... and a new plant will sprout from it. ...... But, sometimes not!! What is it about these pits and bulbs that make it possible with some and not possible with others!?!?

    I tried this a few weeks ago with an avacado pit, and all I got out of it was a smushy mouldy avacado pit!! :2cool:

    What do you guys know about this!?!?!? :doh:
  • I think it's just because some plants (the ones that you've tried this with) are extremely fond of water while the others prefer a litle less water. That's only a guess mind you but I'll ask my mum who happens to quite like gardening (she likes it so much she even did a college course on it.) and she'll be able to give you the answer.
  • I am puzzled by this.

    I'm not sure if any of you have noticed this...but why is it that outside when smokers are around a lot of people, they won't turn away to exhale the smoke..they turn right back to the people?

    (I'm sorry to all those of you who are smokers, I don't want to offend any of you...but I just found this is a common thing around smokers I've encountered)
  • I think I might be able to give you an answer. You've just met one of the not so rare breed of inconsiderate couldn't give a s**t smokers who don't even consider the facts that (a) there are people out there who don't smoke and (B) that some peo-ple might be bothered by their exhaled smoke. Now the reason that you've only met this breed of smoker is because the more considerate smokers only smoke in private. Thankfully there are more considerate smokers than the other type it's just that the other type are such big pains in the a$$ that it just seems like they outnumber the considerate smokers. Sorry if I'm ranting a bit but I personally think that smoking is a disgusting habit. Oh and that isn't a critique against smokers, well not really. It's just that I find smoking to be disgusting and I can't really see why anyone would even want to try a cigarette in the first place so that they do get hooked. Oh and did you know that if drugs went by their addictiveness and not by their lethality then Nicotine would be a class-A drug since one puff and poof you're hooked.

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