Kill People
  • Maybe I'm just ultra violent or just sick in the head but sometime I really want to kill people and the only thing that's holding me back is the fact that I would probably go to prison. I was wondering does anyone else feel this way? :bash:
  • That is a really scary statement.
    You really should seek help, I'm serious. It isn't a good sign that you want to kill people and that the only thing stoping you is the chance of getting caught most certainly isn't either.

    You should really seek some anger management help or whatever they're called, for your own sake and those around you.

    Many people say that they "could kill" someone but it's more of a saying and nothing that they accually want. What you wrote Spideklown didn't come out that way.
  • Can't say i've ever wanted to kill a person. There have been moments when i've wanted to beat the :swear: out of them, but killing is a bit much.... (ignore my name :P )

    Errrr... and just so you know, I don't really live in Melbourne, I actually live in antarctica. :ph34r:
  • Dude you have some serious issues if you make a statement like that :woot: .If ya wanna kill people that badly put in a copy of GTA Vice or GTA 3 into the PS2.Its safer to you ,society and it ain't illegal to kill computer people.And its more fun
  • Don't get me started on who I would like to beat the living daylights out of...but I can say this. Quoting my history teachers, girls (like me) are experts in everyday cold wars. I would never kill anyone just because of the guilt that would come with it.

    Most of my "anger" is brought out on my pillow, web journal or DDR. All three of which exhaust me after a long it's probably better that way.

    If you don't know what the term "cold wars" above means, then PM me and I will give you the definition.
  • There are many different planes of death, physical and mental death are the two largest known ones. To kill some physically is to take ones physical body and damaging it beyond use. To kill mentally is to destroy ones mindset and basically taking over their life. Hypnosis is a type of this on a very small scale, considering that the victim is returned to normal afterwards.

    Most people that physically kill others have usually given up on the hope of life and sometimes they, themselves, have suffered mental death and no longer feel anything other than death. To feel death is to expect everyone to feel the same way as you and if you already feel that you're dead, well then you get the idea.

    Most people that try to kill someone mentally are also usually mentally dead. They do this for the same reason as in the past though they sometimes feel the pain of others and therefore if they make others just like them then they feel that they're saving them and making them feel better.

    To try and help anyone that is mentally dead is next to impossible. They don't and won't understand that what they're doing is wrong and to try and help them back to being normal is to them like you're trying to kill them and therefore they feel threatened and bad things can happen.

    To feel like killing someone is a type of mental death that is very shallow and can be helped. Talking with someone about your problems is probably the best way to help yourself. There's not much else you can do other than tell yourself that to take ones life is to take your own life and basically you'd be destroying yourself. I have had many different urges through my many tormented years but you have to understand that to act on your thoughts is to give into death and i don't think you're ready to do that.
  • I agree, you need help spider

    Yes there are times in my life that make me think, " How are some people even smart enough to get out of bed in the morning" But to think that I would want to kill them?

    Try to look at it this way

    That person is so :swear: stupid that they can only be making me look better!! :blink: It works.

    Good luck
  • *Looks at API* hey cool new smilies =P anyway

    Whoa dude...I had that sometimes. I wanted to rush my bosses head into a cement wall once. But you just gotta have some restraint. If you kill someone you wont goto Jail...youll be there for awhile but you will more than likely get the death penalty..not to mention getting gang raped by big burly men. So think about it, dont be stupid....and play GTA to relieve stress :punk:
  • Have I ever wished another person dead? Sure......but only while still in the throes, of a raging fury!
    Thankfully, this does not occur often, and it is only a 'brief and fleeting "Thought" (being the key word here.). But that is as far as it goes!!!!
    A "Thought", nothing more, nothing less. It concerns me greatly, that you appear to have gone a step or two further, and your only impediment seems to be your fear of being incarcerated?
    I don't profess to know you, nor what may have lead to a statement such as that? But, I too suggest you seek some form of help? Or, at the least some form of 'outlet', for your anger, such as was suggested by other members here?
    My personal two fav's, are either stomping round the house. Dust cloth in one hand, vaccum in the other.......and clean/ polish everything within a 5K radius. Or.......turning up the stereo, locking myself in my room and "swearing like a Trooper"!!!! ..........I tend to opt for the first, rather than the later. As I need to be mindful of young 'ears'!

    Best of luck spider! :peace:
  • My god dude! There is none of us who have the right to take anothers life. I've checked all my mythology and theology references and didn't see Spiderklown in any of them. We all get angry, but to end a persons life is way overboard. Nobody has the right to decide someones end of a future by their own personal judgement. What you need to do is take up a form of phhysical exertion where you can see your source of angers face and work it out on that. Chopping wood, a punching bag, a pillow, etc.. Either that or extreem doses of thorazine. :peace:
  • I'm not really sure how to respond to this, except, you f :swear: g idiot. I sure hope this is some kind of wind up, or "test", otherwise you need some SERIOUS help. Just think of all the grief a family has to go through after losing a loved one, somebody will be losing a father or mother, son or daughter, brother or sister, husband or wife, nephew or niece... etc... all because some sick f :swear: k has an urge to kill.

  • The one thing that I didn't see addressed here was:
    Spiderklown, is it someone(s) in particular that is making your life miserable that you'd like to get rid of, or do you mean, in general you'd just like to take people's life??

    Being angry, even long term type angry and holding a grudge and contemplating how you'd like to do someone in, someone who has maybe made your life a living h3ll, that can be understandable.
    But to just think in general,"Ya know what I'd like to do? Just go out and kill people"...... that needs some serious counseling!
  • Usually it's because of how stupid a person is or something they did to piss me off. I'm not afraid to die like some of you think. Also I've tried to get counseling before and they told me I was perfectly fine that was a couple years ago so maybe I'll try again. Oh yeah I hate the GTA series. Well I guess I ruined my relationship with most of you :cry: so I'll probably get strange looks whenever you see me around. It's ok I've gotten used to it.
  • Just to let you know it's probably not a good idea to post something like what you did unless you want the cops to show up at your house. Basically you just threatened everyone to which you come in contact with murder..... not very smart. I have two predictions for your future, #1 you will mature and realize the magnatude of your statement or #2 you will go to prison. You are not alone, Life is hard for everyone.
  • I wouldn't like to kill anybody but i would like to beat the :swear: out of them sometimes. Ecspecially when there making fun out of me or calling me names :cry:
    (this is a good topic!)


    :punk: :punk: :punk:
  • Originally posted by XR8TD@May 8 2003, 12:28 PM
    Just to let you know it's probably not a good idea to post something like what you did unless you want the cops to show up at your house.

    Spider has done nothing wrong here. Simply stating that..."I want to kill people." is not enough to get anyone into to trouble.

    As with everyone else here try to seek out some counselling. Picking up a hobby like Steve suggested is an excellent way to vent your frustration.
  • Alright, maybe Spider has done nothing wrong "legally" but I have had two specific experiences that have taught me not to take what people say so naively. The first happened while working my first job on a construction sight. A guy named "Dave" (name changed to protect the identity, not that it matters now anyway) told me on Friday that he couldn't take life anymore or its challenges and thought he would end it this weekend. Well, being 16 at the time I didn't take it to seriously and didn't tell anyone not even my Dad or brother (all worked on the same jobsite). Monday morning the foreman told us "Dave" ate a bullet over the weekend.
    The second was a school buddy of mine I kept in contact with after highschool. He told me he didn't like a coworker and would like to beat him to death. Well, we were drinking beers at the time and I didn't take it to seriously. 2 weeks later my "buddy" is in jail awaiting trial for murder for beating a coworker to death with a baseball bat after work in the parking lot. I believe people say what they are really thinking about doing seeking intervention from anyone they can.
  • spider your suffering from what I call fuk the world syndrome....relax, chill out, people suck their all a$$ with it........believe me, I know the's basically like everyones main goal in life seems to be to agitate the hell outta you....well it's not...I've grown up..I've found my ways to vent and not let all lifes bull$h!t get to me...this usually works pretty well :doh:

  • Spiderklown, I sure don't look at you any differently now than I did before you started this topic. I simply see you as much of the world's population: Fed up with the bull$hit of life these days!! Not a big surprise there! But, Steve did have a very wise suggestion in your getting a hobby that is physically exerting. That is a good way to let out pent-up frustrations, and it's legal and everything! ;) If you're not into boxing or martial arts, there's always weight lifting, chopping wood, running, swimming..... oodles of things!! Or, if you're into music, beating on a set of drums would be great!! (this idea comes to me as I listen to to the new Godsmack cd).

    Unfortunately, the 'rocket scientists' (as Steve so aptly names them) of the world are not going to go away, so we all just have to figure out a legal way to live with them.

    Here's an idea: You can always start your own "Fight Club"!! :rebel: :fight:
  • Spidy,
    doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out that your alleged urge to kill people doesn't stem from what you see as people being stupid :unsure: I believe it stems from something else and the only way to sort out your issues is through a phsyc (sp).
  • This urge to kill of yours seems rather dangerous to me. As for have I ever wqanted to kill someone. Well only once mostly I just want to beat them to within an inch of death and leave them in the hospital for a few months. As for the occasion when I did want to kill someone well last week someone used quite a lot of paintstripper on my dad's car.