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  • I was just wondering if there is a special meaning to the personal avitar you have chosen for yourself
  • Mine goes along with my username as well. Since that character from DBZ is pretty crazy, i figured that it was good enough. I think that Lucy's avatar goes along pretty well with his username. Well, hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Well I think this is the time to confess :laugh:
  • My username doesn't represent anything about me. I don't like to kill people (note i said PEOPLE, bugs on the other hand...).
    Don't know what my avatar would mean to other people, but to me it sort of reflects my personality. Red XIII (aka Nanaki) is 16 (i'm fifteen, but it's close enough) he's young, but at the same time he's quite mature, and i consider myself to be mature (dunno if other people think the same thing though).

    Actually, until i just thought about it (after reading your post) i only chose Nanaki because he's my favourite FF character.
  • The name Gideon actually comes from the name of a demon in the Warhammer universe (RPG - the ones with dice before PC's were invented!). I think it was the 'Power Behind The Thrown' campaign. Anyway, in the first book - 'Shadows over Bogenhaven (or something like that) a lot of the evil shenanigans were all being orchestrated by this demon, who was a pretty nasty and serious dude, so i guess the Av reflects the name quite a bit..... :mad:

    Regarding myself, the only way it represents me is that i've lost a bit of weight recently :)
  • mine means i like cars !!!!!!!!!!!!! :happy1:
  • Lucifer, flip your pentagram :) it the wrong way, the way its set is supposedly a good sign. Flip it the other way and then you have the horns of the goat, which is the evil side. :p
  • Well I am sure most people would agree that both myself and Ali G can be a little shady.

    Like Ali I think most of my humour is spontaneous and lighthearted.

    I troll these forums looking at threads for opportunities to make people smile , and have a laugh. I have contributed some of my deeper thoughts to some of the heavier threads but that takes too much energy!

    Plus both Ali and I like .... PUNANI!

  • Lets start off with my name, i can be Evil sometimes if someone gets on the wrong side of me, so beware
    As for the Resident, thats there because i am a resident to this forum for good, the forum will have to go before i do :D

    Oh, and the name has something to do with Resident Evil, i've just switched the words around if you haven't noticed :D

    Now about my avatar, i really picked this for my name because the Clown looks sort of Evil

  • Mine errm
  • [b] Oh gosh... um... i think i've gotten myself into a predicament with this one...
  • Well, for those of you who are Metallica fans, my av should tell a lot!
  • Well mine is pretty simple and I got to agree with Fluff on this one, Killa i thought you were much older and you have experimented with the programs i use:0 You are awesome my friend.
    My username and av both reflect on my favorite anime series called Outlaw Star. Gene Starwind is the av and hes the main character. Hes very spontaneous and outgoing and would risk it all for the people he admires. Sorta like me in a way.:laugh3: No im not giving myself props here. Oh and Way2Shady....Booyakasha!!! I had to say it:laugh3:
  • theres an other one like this in the bar any way i liked my id and chose it before the game came out i think the guys saw my id and then named the hit of a game silent hill and this was my earlier email id!!!!:idea: :happy2:
  • personally my avatar describes me as EVIL and a nice person who loves makin' friends!!!!:idea:
  • I like the FF series and I thought that A FFX avatar would be a good way to show it. Also because this guy kinda brings out the
  • My avatar says everything there is to know about my dark nature heh heh heh!
  • My avatar shows that I have a gentle side???
  • [b]Well I am half human and half demon in real life!!! How do you think Lola got her eyes?? all my doing!!!!

    I must publicly Thank her for the lovely prezzie she sent to me from her holidays and I must say the Turkish Delight was
  • :nono: Tiff there's little kids here! (like me :D ) Well I hope lola teached :thumbsup: you a new lesson...hehehe. Well my avatar represents well me. He looks like me (only I hotter) and we both go through tough things.(old news) OH yeah you know that girl I was talking about back long ago well were alittle :cuddle: and some ??? cant say that. Well since everyone is getting a new avatar I'm going to send one in too! Look out DL my avatar is going to kill yours! :2devilish:
  • my avatar just shows that i love GT3. haha:laugh3:
  • mine doesnt refelct what i am.i choose it cause it chooses me.fate brings us together....:2silly:
  • Ah Tiff - my Soulmate...thank you! Looking forward to that ;)

    See everyone -
  • Mi demon is good for a WHOLE lotta lovin !!!
  • Man, trying to avoid the weirdness here is like trying to dodge raindrops. ;)

    I don't think either my avatar or my personal pic have much to do with who I am.
  • I s'pose my avatar reflects my cuddly, playful side :2devilish:
  • My avatar means that I like Crash team Racing and it fits with my username too, - so that works out. :)

    Oh Yeah, and my personal picture means that I like Crash Bandicoot ad that I like running - lucky I found a moving image! ;)
  • Hey Crash...great personal pic!!!! Funny but I always pictured a crashcart like they have in hospitals!!!

    Got my personal pic in my profile now...nothing funny or remotely clever like everyone else's...just plain ol' me!

    Should please Monster Boy and Gene Starwind!!!!
  • Mine is a site avatar but I think its :2devilish:
  • Hahaha, ye right Game.You barely play Final Fantasy.

    Mine relates to the Final Fantasy games which I think have some of the best characters in any game.I also liked the one I have so thats why I have the one I have.:cool: :cool:
  • The Game has two words for Billy De kid,SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!
  • Getting angry now are we.You said so yourself, your not even finished Final Fantasy yet!:2silly:
  • That ain't got nout to do with loving the greatest rpg series ever.:P
  • But you havent seen the best of the game yet.Ah, never mind, just keep playing it and you'll enter into the greatest game ever made.:) :cool:
  • It okay mate.:) :music:
  • You're right about one thing. The FF series is one of the best out today. I think that the Dragon Warrior(Quest) series is right up along with that. But could we keep the bickering to a minimum in the posts. Next time try and take it out of the forum as we try to keep this site clean of altercations and you are sidestepping the point of this thread as the meaning of avatars not the meaning of who's best. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • My avatar suggests I am a BAD ASS GHETTO PIMP!!

    (this may not be funny to anyone who has NOT seen 'Da Ali G Show')

  • Quote from way2shady, posted on Sep. 26 2001,8:37
    [b]My avatar suggests I am a BAD ASS GHETTO PIMP!!

    Dude! LOVE the purple crushed-velvet hat with pea#### feather and lime-green suit!

    he he he
  • Well, since this is a site shows my love for FF7 which I think it on the top 3 best FFs.
  • Well first,my username.......ummmm.....i dont fart so that dose not resemble me and my avatar shows that im a cheecky barsted,i guess??????
  • Lobo was the coolest charater on the Superman cartoon, he was cool, fun, and a bad@$$. I also am cool, fun, and a bad@$$ if needed. Although it hurts more now that i'm older. The finger fits well to, you just have to say F*#@ IT! You only live once so, live it up, have fun, raise H#LL, drive fast, and die in a big firey reentery crash.
  • Well, since I have a new av, I guess I should say, my av says 'me'!!
  • Hummmmm?
    I really hadn,t gave much though to what my Avatar was to
    me but I guess it would be that I used to be a BIG time star trek fan... and my favorite star was Worf, if anyone knows who that it. He was from a warrior race of people. And that is also how I came up with my username as well.

    Worfsonofmog :mad:
  • My new avatar represents my love for the Dragon BallZ Anime series. Its the greatest show there is!
  • I like sharks!!
  • my name is pretty simple brendan14 is my name and my age when i jioned (i am now 15) . as for my avatar it dosnt really mean anything
  • My new avatar shows my love for the geat Square masterpiece, Chrono Trigger. And yes, Crono is my favorite RPG character.
  • (sniff sniff)
    Imobilizer? You don't like Magus? Please tell me you like Magus!
    I couldn't live if somebody doesn't like Magus!LIKE MAGUS!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!????????!!!!!
  • Ah, another one of the ads. and mobes friends. Who don't they know? Anyway, i guess i should talk about my new electric personality. This just shows how electric my personality is! Heh, heh. It also is still Vegeta which shows my liking DBZ and the fact that he's mad goes well with my member name. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • Quote from orizydal, posted on Oct. 24 2001,7:31[quote][b](sniff sniff)
    Imobilizer? You don't like Magus? Please tell me you like Magus!
    I couldn't live if somebody doesn't like Magus!LIKE MAGUS!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!????????!!!!!
  • Where did you guys get yours?

    Cause if i cant find one from another site I'll have to start using u guy's's ones, on the other boards that I am on.

    Hey Madhtr... ur's looks good...

    im just kiddin, i wouldnt steal an avatar.

  • Xetas, all you need to do is go to a search and search for ''free avatars'' and a whole load of avatar sites should come up. Happy searching.
  • Where did you guys get yours?[/b]

    I made mine myself. Some scetching and a little PhotoShop & Illustrator magic does the trick.
  • My avatar is a person from DBZ.
  • Well, since I don't have my own avatar I'll tell you about my
  • Hey badtz there is already a site were you tell what your use name means.
  • Hello Kitty is a show? I didn't know that. Heh, heh. My little sister loves Hello Kitty. She has a little stuffed Hello Kitty. It's a cute one i must say too!!! Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • One of my friends actually has a Bad Batz Maru alarm clock that he got in Taiwan.
  • I just used it because Red XIII is my favorite character from any Final Fantasy.
  • one of coolest characters in FF7 is vincent valentine
  • I do not take my avatar personally. O mean I looked and looked and looked but nothing was close to a fatfish!!! i just think avatar is a cool
  • I just picked my name caus I think it sounds good, as for my avatar well....................... :idea: it reflects the darker side of my life :mad:
  • Theve1tch is only a slight change from my real name, plus i hade the e-mail set up and its my user name on Command & Conquer: Red Arlert2: Yuri's Revenge. (wicked game by it 2day) and my Avatar represents my inner evil. Cant say much more really.
  • My avatar is the closest one they had that looks like me... White hair.. dark eyes.. yeah that works
  • my name is a nickname all of my friends cll me cause i like the movie glaiaotr and my name is kirk and my avatar because it was the best out of em all :2silly:
  • My avatar is the great and almighty mog. Nothing can beat the great mog. He expresses the mystery and charm that can be found in me. It also expresses the hidden destructive force inside me.
  • My avator stands for nothing. I just like it because iy looks cool.
  • i chose mine because it looks like fue lue in the game breatth of fire 4 only dif. is that fue lue has longer hair
  • Mine is because I love RedXIII from Final Fantasy 7 and this is the only picture that dipicted his pups and him.
  • i hate my avatar at the moment so ive sent for a new one- its a picture of Aragorn from lord of the rings.

    it will basicly show that i am totally obsessed with middle earth!
  • well..... my name is alex and like ff7.
  • I just like the way mine looks and that it looks like an elvish person. I'am a gateway to manythings
  • :2devilish: My user name and avy kinda have a few things in common.

    Hopefully I will get a different one soon!!! :2devilish:
  • evil resedent where did u get ur avitar ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
  • i mean what web site
  • I picked me picture, coz I fink dat I don't belong on dis planet! I is off da wall an' crasy! me picture shows how I would like to chek! plus I fink I wuz adopted, coz I don't get on wid me bruvers an' sisters! me real full name iz stevun paul carrol, da name I use iz stevun pike or spike fe short! I fink its a wicked nik name, don't yous? ali g iz me role model!!
  • I am in between avatars right now, and undergoing an acute identity crisis at this moment. When sanity returns I shall edit this post
  • EDIT: Well its changed again. Now it is the logo for the PP2PA. (Professional Playstation 2 Players Association)

    No this is not a real organization, all requests to join will be forwarded to the X-box Professional Players Association.
  • My new avatar stands for the heroine of Star Ocean 2. Although horribly dubbed like hell in the game, Rena is still the best character to play as.
  • :2devilish: Mine represents my nickname and my fav hobby, surfing!!! I designed it myself. :thumbsup:
  • I no longer feel that I am a raging hulk of anger, though I have my moments.
  • Mine is just the greatest game ever invented IMHO.

    If it moves Frag it, If it doesn't move Frag it anyway !!
  • mine is my cute little puppy he is a jack russel and his name is Toby!! it doesnt really mean anything i just liked it
  • i dunno, but its zidane hehehe :P i like ff9
  • I like Kamahri from ffx he was cool.
  • my name and avatar means mysterious or quiet
  • Previously:i just love Sega and Sonic! Sonic is based around my belief, "Live life in the fast lane!!"

    Now that accidently deleted the blue one and the original file is gone, I am now using my personal logo!! Enough said....

    Spike out... :ph34r:
  • wow lucifer how did u get ur stars to cange colors ??????
  • mine no longer looks like fue-lue now it looks like some kinda fighter
  • Mine represents that Im cool(stop laughing), and that Im white, other than that, its worthless.
  • i wonder if lucifer will answer ???????????????
  • I had a lot of trouble finding an avatar I was half comfortable with, so I settled for this one
  • Mine means I havent got enough posts yet to get my own avatar!!!
  • [b]my avatar means that i come from a disney family!!! :D
  • Yup i got my new avatar! its VIVI from Final Fantasy 9! :D
  • Mine says that Smiley Faces can be deceiving..mwuhahahaha! Actually i just plain like it. I couldnt upload any animated ones so i went with this. Of course my animated ones kicked major behind but this one kicks it also.
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