Driving Test
  • i had my driving test today, and i failed! im absolutley gutted!! its a horrible feeling, but i wasnt as nervous as i thought i was going to be.

    just gotta put in for it again, ah well

    thought u guys would wanna know
  • It's all right I failed my first drivers test also but then I went back two weeks later and got a perfect. I'm sure you will do the same. :D

  • Oh dear!!!!! I guess we all should have thought to tell you to put that cell phone and cheeseburger down while you're driving!! :unsure:

    Well, now that you know what to expect, I'm sure that next time will go perfectly!! Don't worry Dear, it's alright, no one is always perfect at everything the first time around!! :hug: We all still love you!! :wub:
  • If at first you don
  • I failed my first driving test years ago! I remember I was just too nervous to pull out into traffic. Now you know what to expect for the next time. After all that I now drive for a living! Go figure!

    A little hint too is use this time on your learners permit and drive around with your parents some more. Especially around the motor vehicle department where you'll be taking the test again. You'll be more familiar with the roads and traffic patterns. Also schedule the test mid mornings before lunch when there isn't as much traffic and congrestion on the road.

    Hang in there, I'm sure you'll do fine and will be posting that you passed with flying colors!
  • Lol Steve! :lol:

    I've still got over a year till i can start driving (once i'm 17) but i can't wait!!! I know how to drive, because i do at my grandparent's (they have a 6 acre field!) so i can't wait till i can start to drive... although i'll probably be just as nervous for my test!

    Keep trying Oddish, you will succeed!!! :peace:
  • I failed my first test simply because I turned into the path of an car. :doh: Pffft, that is no reason to fail someone! Hitting another car is but not almost hitting another car.

    Now you know what to do, what not to do, what the instructor will be looking for, what you should be looking for.

    Good luck! ;)
  • My driving test is still quite a ways away but so far I've had 11 lessons and it's actually quite fun. Now I'm going to see if I can get any of my relatives to give me some extra help. Pity I cant use my parents though as my mum doesn't drive and my dad hasn't even been a year past his test yet.
  • It happens to the 'best of us', dear.
    Wouldn't concern yourself, too greatly over it!!! As Suz, pointed out.......now you know what you're in for.

    My brother, failed it twice, before he got it! And he's quite a clever 'cookie'.......you did not hear that from me, though!!!! :rolleyes:

    Best of luck!!!!
  • Sorry to hear that your test didn't go well. Keep at it and all will be be well in the end. Get in any practice time that you can. The more experience you get the more relaxed you'll be. Nothing like the Catch 22 syndrome. Best wishes.
  • I've had 10 driving lessons so far and before i am allowed any more i have to pass my theory. I feel the theory is going to be harder than the actual driving test.

    I have my theory test next thursday and i haven't swatted up as much as i should have. :(
  • ER, the theory is easier than u think. its all common sense. If you can try and get your hansds on the copy of the CD ROM, it really helped me when i did mine. i got 31/35 which was a pass, it runs out in August though so if i havent passed by then ill have to do all that again!

    GOOD LUCK xx