Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage
  • :woot: I am trying to find the way of how to get to the platform free standing in the open. It is in world 2, just behind the wall. It is too far to glide to. If anyone can help I would Greatly Appreciate it. Please if you can help please e-mail me at [email]game_relic_hunter@yahoo.com[/email]
    I have already beaten Ripto, but in order for me to go to the extra area I need to collect what is on that platform. There is gems and an orb on it. Please I need HELP.
  • I think I know what you're talking about and in order to get it there's a couple of thing's you have to do. Firstly you have to go to where moneybags is standing to let you get to Shady Oasis I think. But anyway if you look up and down the corridor you'll find a crack on the wall and if you ram into it (now there may be more than one but I'm not sure. If there is it's the one with the whirlwind inside) it'll break open and you'll go into a whirlwind which'll take you up to the roof where there's some gems n stuff. Now I think you're high enough to glide to the platform but you should be on the highest place around which is where you need to be to get to the platform. In the glide even if it looks as though you might not make it keep going and you'll get to it. Oh and on you're way back go onto the wall and run it's entire lngth and you'll find another orb.