• Hello.
    I have a problem. Yesterday I was watching a DVD in my PS2 and almost at the end of the movie it began to skip parts. It was impossible to watch, so I just turned Off my PS2 and turned On again and played the part of the movie that skipped. Miracle, that part of the movie wasn't skipping so I just watched the rest of it.

    I think that sometimes when DVD movies skip parts is because of the memory is full, what do you think?

    I may be wrong, that's why I am asking this where.

    Forgive me about my bad English but I'm from Portugal and I don't speak English very well.

    That's all, best regards from Portugal.
  • I don't know if it's cause the memory is full or not, but I don't think so.
  • The PS2 is very sensitive to detecting scratches.
  • It could even be a hair or maybe a small piece of dust. These could easily make the DVD skip and then could fall right off when you went to check it. You may want to clean the rear vents on the PS2 to keep all dust out of the system. You could clean this by using bottled air or even maybe a damp rag(while the system is unplugged of course). This should keep your dvds spinning without disturbances.
  • Someone should have a look at my Gladiator DVD... it has scratches all over but it is still working fine. Anyway, I don't think it has anything to do with your mem card. Maybe it was dust or something on your DVD.
  • Maybe you are all right, but my DVD movie is brand new. I just bought it and put it in the PS2 right out off the box.
    I will watch it again someday to see if still skips parts.
    Oh, and the film was Perfect Blue... :p
  • I had similar problems in certain parts of certain DVDs. Mine would skip, slow down, and usually crash. It's pretty cheap that I can't watch a DVD on a "so called DVD player"

    I also get stutters when I am watching movies in games. The preview of Final Fantasy movie on the Demo disc, and in some of the movies in Twisted metal Black. Heck, also in Red faction. Red faction stutters go away when I turn up the disc speed and flip the PS2 (horizontal to vertical)
  • I work at a movie store and use DVDs constantly in my PS2, and have not had a problem to date.
  • [b]The only time I noticed any sort of stutter on mine was while watching Highlander:Endgame.I noticed a couple of small jumps about 3/4 through the movie-nothing major though.Other than that,it's worked great!
  • Hello again. I'm back once more.
    I'm here just to say that I saw yesterday The Matrix in my PS2 and it worked fine. No skipping, no slowdown, no nothing. Superb quality, perfect.
    Maybe some DVD movies skip in certain DVD players.

    Well, it's everything for now.
    Bye bye, but I'll return again.
  • The first DVD I bought for my PS2 was X-Men.
  • Yes yes, I too had a problem with X-men write once it started, the movie was fresh out the box.

    I was also watching crouching Tiger and it started skipping and then said it could not read the disk. I put the disk under running water then dried it with the cloth I use on my glasses, no problem afterwards.
  • My experience with DVD's tells me that they are very sensitive to the slightest scratch, hair, or even a little bit of dust.
  • I've watched about 8 DVDs on my PS2 (when i first got it i went out and hired a few), and i have not had one single problem. Nothing. They work fine, and these are RENTALS, and like most rentals they were scratched, and i think one of them had a bit of food stuck to it which i wiped off before i watched it.

    Maybe by the time the PS2 came out here in australia, they fixed all the little problems.
  • I have done the same thing as killa.

    I have rented lots of DVD's, some badly scratched, others not, and i have not had a single problem with the DVD player in the ps2
  • I'm having problems with my dvd player ?every time i put the movie disc it goes on and it goes blank but i hear the sound.
  • First make sure that your video jacks are plugged into the tv correctly and that they're pushed in as far as they'll go. If they are then try using another cable such as a friends or possibly another system's or what not. If they work and your's still does not then that means that your cable's shot and you need a new one. If none of this works then it may be a hardware problem that needs to be fixed by Sony or a Sony representative. I hope that this helps you get the picture running again. Well, enjoy posting and have fun gaming and watching those DVDs. :thumbsup:
  • Well i had never had a problem with the DVD's skipping as i always wipe any disc i use with my ps2 with a soft lens cleaning colth before i stick it in, but i was watching driven (a rental)
  • Scratched DVDs that don't skip, Scratched ones that do skip. Brand new ones that skip, brand new ones that play perfect. I dont get it I rent or buy a DVD and its a gamble if it will play through properly. then when it does skip I try again and half the time it plays the problem spot just fine, frusterating very. To top it off I never have any games or movies in games skipping or crashing at all, not once has a game given me any hassle. Nothing ####es me off more than renting a movie the day it comes out ( I'm the first person to touch it, it looks mint ) get halfway through the movie, fully engrossed then it crashes and says "unable to read disk" or starts skipping and miss something important. It really ruins those suspensfull moments. Good thing 70% of the time I can enjoy a movie begining to end no problems with the glory of Dolby Digital / DTS.