• All you hard gamers out there,
    do u need a cheat,advice or even a walkthrough just ask me and I will try to help you
  • i need spiderman 2 cheats !!! i completed it and i need like 5 more costumes and 23 more comics happy hunting i could not find anything
  • Another one of these? I thought they all died out. :idea: Well I wanta see if your really good!
    Codes for:
    Parasite Eve 2- unlimited ammo, invincibility

    Resident Evil:Directors Cut-unlimited ammo, invincibility

    Diablo 2-unlimited money, all skills

    Red Faction-unlimited ammo

    I just wanta see if you are as good as you think you are and these have to work (try them out before you cut and paste) well Happy Hunting! :2devilish:
  • right here we go
    tony hawks 3
    this is not a playstation game but wat the hell
    war of the worlds (pc)
    happy hunting
  • Well here you go

    Infinite Ammo R1 & R2d007151800083007280900ffd007151800023007280b00ff
  • i got one for you it's thesame car on driver 2 it's i wount the yellow car on driver now if you can get that one then you are good
  • chrono trigger, cheats, stardegy guide please.
  • Well,Mick(can i call you that?),I think you get it at the baseball stadium(I cant remember where that is)and you find the gates are closed,so you go round the back to some sort of booth and the gate will open and the car is inside.

    What console is it on ???
  • First off, people ask realistic questions of our dear fart. How can he fins info on THPS3, Spiderman2, and War of the Worlds when they're not even out at this time for the PSX or PS2. Diablo II is a PC game and this is a PSX/PS2 site. Next, Chrono Trigger is a PSX/NES title with the PSX version being the FF Chronicles that is packaged with FFII(IV in the states). Also, don't post or PM the walkthroughs to anybody. If they have a particular question that they can ask then you can get them whatever info they need but no walkthroughs or urls to other gaming/selling sites. Besides this have fun asking questions and getting answers. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • YEAH,dont be so mean!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway,I could'nt find anything on that trigger thing,cuz I'm confused ???
  • Fart,

    The WHOLE purpose of the PSone help forum is for people to start a seperate thread for each game.

    Condensing everyones requests for multiple game tips into ONE huge thread just makes it almost impossible for anyone to find codes for the games they own, especially if more members start their own help page.

    Thank you for you offer of help to other members, but we need to keep to the old format, or this place will become useless.

    I hope you understand.

    Jim B STAFF
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