Do You Draw?
  • Hey there.
    If you like to draw please reply. I just want to know how many artist there are in these forums you know? theres not many people that draw in my comunity outside the net.
    Doesnt matter what you draw.
    i just want to know how many people actually have tried their hands at drawing, and if you draw MANGA/REALISTIC things please..i need some tips, i myself am studiying some anatomy (our school is WAY!!!! off that topic im not jokiing WAY off).
    Thanks, and keep up with the Outlines (if you use any).
  • No way!!!

    I'm f*****g s**t at drawing I can't even draw as well as I type or spelllllllll

  • I have actually drawn some black and white portraits from pictures and i think theyre decent since I've had some people call me and ask if i could draw one for a birthday or something.
  • I've studied arts for three years and been drawing all my life. The pointers I can give you on how to progress is:
    *practice every day
    *imitate others
    *use deasent paper and pencils

    If you want some tips on how to draw manga there are plenty of site that has short "manga schools". Just do a search on "how to draw [insert wanted style here]". There are also some books on the subject ask you library if they can help you get them.
  • Thanks manneman and others :D yeah, most of our libraries have books but sometimes they arent enough hehe. I love drawing, anything i draw anything. Well, i just wanted to know if a 0.5 led pencil is good for drawing.
  • A 0,5 pencil might do the thing, it usually depends on what you're about to draw. Real artist uses the kind of pencil that you sharpen, that way they can get how think/thin line they want.

    It sounds to me however that you're more into "cartoon drawings" such as manga and maybe even calicatures. If so the usual tools are a hard pencil H2 or harder, HB might work. (The h series have harder leads so they don't smear all over the drawing, also it's easier to erase if you do misstakes). Use the pencil to sketch the picture then you use ink and fill in the lines.
    Inking is an artform in itself and real artists usually uses them fancy crow quill nib pens for doin gth eoutlining and a brush thicker lines and shadows. I find that stuff a bit messy (you have to use waterproof ink naturally) so I prefer a normal pigment liner for that stuff.

    Talk to the people down at your local pencil shop and ask them if they have a set of artist pencils (hardness 7H - 6B maybe) and some pens that you can use for drawings. Be sure to try them out to see if you like them.
    And while you're at it you might wanna pick up a sketch book or two if you havn't already got one.

    good luck, hope to see your creations sometime
  • Thanks again. Hey, i kinda thought that SKETCHING woulb be bit rough so i didnt actually tried that but i tried my own set of outlines (all done with the 0.5 but now i know i should get a new set :doh: ) and it kinda got out cleaner, but i think i would get new pencils as well as new sketch books. Thanks.
    I love to create things, ill try my best and someday (hopefully) you'll see one of my drawings.
    :peace: Thanks for the help that was really brief.
  • I have loved drawing all my life..but I can only draw landscape and animals really well. I can't draw people. My people usually look like they got punched in the cheek. I can say that what manneman says is true too..because there's no sense in persuing something and not practicing.
  • Well I draw stick figures but thats about it on my talents. Im more of a computer guy than a drawer :peace:
  • Ill draw a good picture every now and then, but most of the time im kinda struck for ideas. So its kinda hard for me to draw a decent drawing most of the time.
  • Originally posted by Daggers Lover@May 25 2003, 04:22 PM
    Well I draw stick figures but thats about it on my talents. Im more of a computer guy than a drawer :peace:

    Same here dagger :cry: :cry: :cry:
  • Well I personally cant draw worth a d@mn but I have found a few quality artists on the net. Namely: Bridget E Wilde (, Maz ( and a couple others but those first two are the best in quality that I've found to date.
  • has anyone been to lately? the guy doesnt draw to much or let alone updates his site. I dont know anything further than what i just said, because i havent been there in MONTHS.
  • I do draw quite often, mostly Japanese orientated like Manga and Anime. I do like to draw stand-aone objects too. One day our art teacher told us to take off our ties, drop them onto the desk, and just draw them, I really enjoyed that. is a great tutorial site for getting proportions right, and is great for anything manga.

    I have to disagree with imitating others work, as I don't think this helps at all. You don't gain you're own style and once you can copy perfectly, you can't really go further than that, and you'll have to start all over again with your own style.

    I also like drawing animals too- not just standing there, but interacting, and moving. i.e. I drew an otter swimming and twirling in sme water and that was great fun.
  • I agree with you man, 100percent. I tried to Copy other peoples drawings hoping i could learn but learned nothing. I try to find my own style too, like the way i draw eyes, and people overall to the shapes of the heads and faces. I like to be myself drawing.

    Im reading books on the human body, just so i can get shapes right. Has anyone tried to study the human body to learn how things work out? (like Muscles, know? anatomy).
  • :D *thinking*
    One second recomending different sites for "inspiration" and stating that they draw manga-like,
    the next claiming that they have their own style and don't need to copy! ;)
  • I just draw show to people and then leave them I can draw of DBZ not accurate but there maybe some bit of mistakes but i need a picture to see and draw other wise use my imagination.