Movie To TV To Game...
  • Those are the only ones worth mentioning to me...
    Did I miss any of your favourites?
  • I hate DBZ but that was the only one on the list I thought was worth playing.
  • Just wanted to add the Hulk to the list maybe, since the game is out now and all !? :huh:
  • i had to go for lotr because there is good speial effects and battlescenes
  • Spiderman!!! w000t! :woot:

    Technically Spiderman was a comic forst then a movie but ill let it slide =P It was definitely a great game and a great movie.
  • i voted for "The Thing". Reasons? Sure.

    Spiderman - ive played 2... one on PC and psx called "Spiderman" and one based on the movie on PC... niether impressed me... but the one on PSX is tolerable.

    The Matrix - played the PC version... it sucked hard. console is probly better... but im betting it still sucks no matter what its played on.

    Reign of Fire - there was a game of this? why? the movie was crap.

    The Thing - nice graphics... great theme... movie is one of the best ever made. game just continues the whole feeling. gotta love it

    dragonball z - i hate this crap. the games suck too. next.

    superman - i remember a few superman game son snes... and one on nes. none were very good. didnt know any other existed. oh well. probly no big loss.

    batman - the newest one (i played pc version) was horrible. but the first 2 on nes rocked.

    lord of the rings - again... i played the pc version of one. it was ok and all but it got boring fast. but had very sweet cut scenes.

    i think that about does it.
  • Personally they all sucked but the one that sucked the least would be DBZ and only Budokai is worth anything and even that isn't saying much.

    well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I will definately vote DBZ (and if it would be there DB GT) Specially that Legecy of Gokou is good and same as i think (it will be)Legecy of Gokou.
  • there is no doubt it has to be the matrix it is so :swear: good
  • Originally posted by chelseafc@Jun 6 2003, 04:35 PM
    there is no doubt it has to be the matrix it is so :swear: good

    I thought you didn't have the matrix! :blink: Oh well explain that one! I voted the matrix purley because it's abrilliant game with good gameplay and vairious different generas! :woot: And also it has a haccking mode wich is like a ps2 computer wich adds to the fun of the game!