SILENT HILL ( ahem ) 1 help me please!
  • ok i am going nutts..please help me...i am still SILENT HILL 1, i am trying to get a good + ending or a good ending.. i am trying to find out where ** annie's bar**<--- where kaufmann is...and indian runner is after i pick up kaufmanns items he droped in the bar near the pool table....can you please help me!!!!!! i'll send you a picture...hahahaha some one please!!! i am going nutts here....sheeesh..ok thanks if you can help if not...well you suck...hahahaha just kiding ..but for reals can you help me?<br />email me........ [email="joseph_laui@hotmail.comk"]joseph_laui@hotmail.comk[/email]
  • TONGAN LAUI, i'm a little confused - did you pick the map up from the information board after coming out of the sewers???

    AS far as i can remember the place where Kauffman drops the stuff (namely a receipt from the indian runner and a key) IS Annies Bar and the Indian Runner should be clearly indicated on the map. If you don't have the map, you better go back and get it - its around near where you first came out of the sewers on an information board.

    When you've found the resort map - you'll find things are a lot easier.
  • i might be able to help, but i haven't played in a while.
  • trying to think where it is again, it at the begining of the game that your stuck at?????????????