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  • Read an interesting article today (click HERE) to read it.

    For me, it raised some interesting questions.

    Do people really want some small handheld device that is
  • What can we say? People never stop learning... that means we never stop progressing!!

    It's sad though, we let our minds work so hard and left our physical being. As a result, abtronics and diet pills came! you'll be in shape that you really didn't worked hard for it!!

    Surely mind is the dangerous thing in this world!!

    so everybuddy!! lets break it!! :doh:

    I'm sorry..... am I still on the subject? :unsure:
  • I'd just as well have the items that do the functions I want without any extra "features".If I do feel the need for anything else,then I'll start looking into the devices.The problem with "all-in-one" devices is if one part decides to not work and you have to get it serviced,you are out of luck for accessing the rest.

  • For starters, I do not feel the need for these 'all in one' devices since I don't think I'm so lazy that I am incapable of getting up off my fat @ss to perform another task. If I'm on the phone and want to get onto my computer, I don't mind the walk around the corner in my house to do so!! I don't feel the need for all this 'convenience', since to me, it turns out to be more inconvenient in the long run. The errant bills, the devices not working and requiring phone calls, setting up scheduled times for repair et al. Not to mention the already-mentioned fact that, when one part goes, the whole of the thing goes, and you're left without anything at all! Forget that!!
    I'd rather keep my gaming console for gaming, my computer for computing, my phone for talking, my camera for taking pics..... and all the rest. 'Advances' in technology aren't always forward, if ya know what I mean. And, sometimes, when they are, it's just farther and farther forward into pain-in-the-@ssville.
  • I would just like to comment that for anyone with plans for buying an N-Gage from Nokia which is launch October 7th for $299.

    If you plan on buying it then i would like to say, don't, if you must spend $300 then my address is.........well i think you get the point. If not, i'll put it in layman's terms. The N-Gage is an utter waste of space, money, time, am i missing anything here? It's a poor handheld gaming system, it's a poor cellphone, It has other features too? Yeah, notice how they don't talk about those.......because the phone and handheld parts are the top two priorities for you can guess on everything else.

    So, to sum things up, Nokia N-Gage should be a big fat no-no for anyone who wants good gaming. Get a GBA SP for $100 and play some Sword of Mana and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance until the PSP comes out in fall 2004 and then you can truly be happy(or at least i hope so.......) You heard it here first folks.....well......probably not first but the N-Gage really isn't all that good. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Nice Topic Steve...

    I think I have to agree with the general sway of oppinions here, in that the reason many of us switched to gaming on a console was that they were better/simpler than trying to play games on a PC.

    Sure you can type letters, do your accounts and draw a few nice pictures on your home computer, but I remember losing whole weekends trying to get games to run on it. The appeal of just popping a CD into a console and playing something that looked like an arcade quality game was massive at the time.

    Even now, you can buy a PS2, Xbox etc... for the cost of a slightly above average PC graphics card.

    I am sure many of you have gone through a similar situation regarding mobile phones... I have just spent 2 hours trying to narrow down the choice from phones which seem to offer a million different features:

    But when you think about it, you only hear the polyphonic ring tones for a few seconds before you answer the phone

    The games keep you interested for a few days due to their simplicity and size of screen

    Picture messenging loses its appeal after a few snapshots

    ...and who wants to have to smarten themselves up before answering the phone (video phones). All it would take is a bad-hair-day or a nasty spot on the face and you would need to put a bag over your head every time it rings.

    oh yeah, and can someone explain the point of a colored screen-saver on a mobile phone when it spends most of its time in a pocket or bag ?

    At the end of the day, I wanted a new phone that is smaller, lighter and has better quality reception... pretty much the same reasons at the last time I bought a phone 3 years ago.

    My view is if several single products do their job much better than an all-in-one product then I would buy the single products every time.
  • I agree with everyone who has posted before me.

    I find that these all-in-one-magic-boxes don't do near the quality job that they should.

    Is taking pictures with your cell phone honestly that big a feature to appeal to so many people? The commercials would have you think so.

    I remember when we got our cell phone and it had games on it, I thought I had the latest thing. Little did I know what was to come.

    I would not use for a quarter of the features on most of the cell phones being sold today. I don't want them, I don't need them, I certainly don't want to pay for them.
  • I just think that instead of developing these all singing, all dancing gadgets, the bods should be concentrating on making the 'separates' more efficient.
    I wonder if they ever do market research to ascertain exactly what people want?

    I for one have never used any of the games on my phone - it is bad enough when the battery runs out during a conversation, without placing a further drain on the power by playing games.

    As Suze says, I have a perfectly good camera so why would I want to take pix with my phone?
    Although, I suppose there is the advantage that if you are out and something catches your eye, you could quickly snap it.
    An example of this was a few times in Durham when Chris and I saw the most amazing 'Stavros' character.
    Would have been so good to get a pic! The guy was awesome!

    But I have lived my life this long without having things with bells and whistles, I am guessing that I can live without them for a while longer!

  • I have to agree with all of you. My PS2 is used for one purpose alone, games. I have a stereo for my CDs I have a DVD player for my DVDs and never do the disks go into a machine that isn't specifically designed for it.

    As far as the cell phones go I don't understand why I have credit cards, house and car keys and eyeglasses down at the bar that haven't been picked up for years. However the sacred cell phone is always picked up within 24 hours. And the people who lose them are shattered because all their numbers were in there. It would appear that the ability to scribble a number down or comprehend a phone book is a thing of the past.

    I understand the added gimmicks are a way to sway customers, but do we really need a Swiss Army Cell Phone? Or a phone with a built in hair dryer so while talking while driving to work gives you one more thing to do than watch the road?

    I think simpler is better, hell we have two cordless phones which are constantly being searched for, but I can always find the one on the wall. :pump:
  • Here's a story I'll call... How hand held technology saved our a$$e$
    Last weekend my mother came to visit. We rented a boat and took it out on the lake for a day of fishing and "tubing" (you know where you pull an innertube attached to a rope behind the boat) Anyways, of course we were out in the lake pretty far when the motor died. After about 30 mins of farting around with it, we finally decided to call the marina on mom's cell phone. Luckily they were able to talk us through the problem and after a few minutes we got the boat started again. If they hadn't, I suppose we could have taken a picture of our location with the phone and sent it to them for rescue purposes but with our luck the marina probably didn't have the capability to receive it. And we probably could have played games on the phone waiting for the rescue, but we did have fishing poles and that was the main reason we were there. It might have been fun texting all our friends and relatives to share our humiliation but the story just seems to lose some of it's appeal when not told in person. The bottom line is the cell phone DID help save our butts but all the other features were basically useless. Now I don't own a cell phone but I would consider buying one now if only for use in emergency situations. Mine won't need all the "bells and whistles" available although from what I've read, soon I won't have much choice in that.
  • I don't like to agree, it lies not in my nature. So therefor I have been thinking about the many good things about having multi-tool-phones.

    First of all we have to recognize that there are a difference in god plug ins and not so good plug ins, and they are different for different persons.
    I mean a gps in the phone must be great if you're lost at sea or the woods and you can call someone up and give an exact location instead of "I see a bunch of trees to my right and an anthill on my left, and then theree's a big sun in the sky just ahead".

    The feature that let's you send a text message saying "Pharmacy" or "Subway" to a certain number and then reply with the adress of the closest one is also a good one.

    I don't know why the poor games or the annoying polytone melodies always comes up as an demostration of the phoecompanies abilitys to invent new functions to the phones. Maybe it's because they are the once used the most.

    However, I do feel a "need" to have multi functions built in to one device. I am one of those "bad-packers" when going traveling that don't really know what to bring and therefor brings everything exept the things I need. In my backpack I always bring along (besides the insuline and I doubt they'll be building shots into phones in any near future) camera, pocket radio, wallet and phone. Now all of these can be bulit in to one device. I don't think you could call it a phone any more, more of "the Phollet-cam". (Hmm, maybe that's were part of the problem lies, peoples labels on things. A phone is supposed to be a phone. I'm gonna mail Sony-Ericsson right away!!)

    The poor quality of the devices built into the "phollet-cam" compared to the separate gizmos is an other thing. Why get many badly functioning things stocked together when you could have many different well working things. All you gain is space, and there is still plenty of that to go around.

    I do however feel that we will get more multi functional devices and get rid of our (what's the opposite of multi, solo?) gadgets.

    If you have seen and remembered movies like The lawnmowerman were they use gloves to type with (in a VR enviroment, but still). There are such devices in progress. You slip on a thing on your hands and then, if you got the correct finger setting and know were all the keys are at the keyboard by heart, you can type on thin air.
    With a thing like that and an internet access via the phone (spammers rejoyce) you could post in the forums when ever you get an idea, you don't have to wait until you get home or to a public computor.

    As soon as the picture quality of digital cams in phones reaches an acceptable level and price I'm sure most people will not only own one but also wonder how in the world they were able to live without one for oh so many years.

    To finish this of (BTW can you tell I got alot of typing stored up in me wanting to get out?) I belive that equiping phones with extra features brings only good things, as long as the extra features fill a function (one that doesn't is that screensaver???). I guess that we have to think over what we want and support those features (i.e. buy those kinds of phones) in order for them to evolve. I'm sure the phone industy is doing their best to come up with better batteries and covarage anyway.
  • Going to go against the flow here - I *love* my multi-functional stuff!!

    The two PCs are used for the usual stuff - word processing, pictures, etc. We also game (online and offline) and communicate via e-mail, voice (MSN and Roger Wilco) and webcams (on our last *quarterly* phone bill, the charge for calls made was
  • I believe that one gadget that does everything brilliantly is of course the best thing to have, rather than many different things connected together by bluetooth (for example).

    However, some things are unnecessary, such as 3G on a phone, since how many other people do you know that actually have another video phone?

    A camera in a phone is good, especially if you travel a lot. I remeber going out cycling once ad there was a sunset over the river, with all these trees on either side and a magnificent glass/metal bridge in front, wishing that i had a camera phone.

    I would rather have a mp3 player in my phone rather than an iPod, because and iPod costs