My Playstation Nooooooooo
  • ok my playstation is jacked its like ill put in a cd and it works fine but then i put a game in and it says "please insert a playstation disk" or somthing like that so whats wrong
  • Not to make you sound dumb or anything but the following questions are just qualifying questions to determine your problem.

    Are you sure it's a PSX game?
    Is it a copied game?
    Are you sure you're pushing the games in fully?
    Are the disks dirty or scratched up?

    If it's none of those then let me know and i'll make try some other ideas out.......Right now though i'm not sure there could be anything else other than your system being screwed. Well, hopefully we're able to get your system running like new again......without spending a bunch of cash.
  • :2cool: Maybe your lens is dirty....

    But I'll put my money on madhtrs' first possibility.. is it really a PS game?
  • yes it is a psone game and its not that badly scrached and i cleaned the lense
  • Ok, but you missed two questions.

    Is the game a copy?
    Did you make sure the game was firmly placed in the tray(reworded from before)?
  • My Playstation started doing this shortly before it crashed completely. Looks like it may be time to upgrade to a Playstation 2.

    My only advice is to make sure that your games and lens are clean.